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These 8 Photos Prove The Wild West Was Truly WILD

wild west
Photo by Nong2 from Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered how was it like living in the Wild West? By 1865, more than 30,000 miles of train tracks crisscrossed America. And as the Civil War was over, and people were finally free from slavery, millions of Americans started to explore the West, trying to find a new home and get rich.

It seems that the entire idea of Manifest Destiny emboldened many. In fact, one 19th-century historian famously saw the new frontier as “the ideal meeting point between savagery and civilization”, and he wasn’t exaggerating. Buffalos were killed for their hides, starving the Native Americans.

Also, new towns were created along the cattle routes, some of them being constantly terrorized by ruthless cowboys, and being forced to form their own rule of law. This era was simply unique, considering the entire history of America, so we’ve decided to discuss some of the most interesting facts about the Wild West.

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