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9 Unusual Symbols Hidden in U.S. Landmarks That Will Blow Your Mind

symbols hidden in U.S. landmarks
Photo by surangaw from Envato Elements

They say all American citizens know about these symbols hidden in U.S. landmarks; do you?

In most cases, landmarks in the United States are pretty straightforward. You can easily spot their details with a single glance, but if you look deeper, you might be surprised to find that some of them have some hidden symbols.

Did you know, for instance, that the precise height of the nation’s highest structure has a long history? Or that a president of the United States is buried in a bust on America’s highest court? Or that the design of Lady Liberty may be an ode to pirates?

If this info caught you off guard and you doubt what we said is true, pinch yourself because this isn’t a dream! Now, without further ado, we will let you enjoy learning about the rest of the symbols hidden in U.S. landmarks.

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