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World History

facts about WWI
World History

A Journey Through Time: 10 Forgotten Facts about WWI 

These are some facts about WWI we need to remember:  WWI—when we say that, it seems so far away. And it actually is. I mean, WWI happened more than 100 years ago, and even if we will never forget it,

Christmas during Nazi Germany
World History

Christmas During Nazi Germany. 9 Unbelievable Facts

Christmas during Nazi Germany wasn’t anything like now. Curious about it? Let’s dig in:  If you’ve read other articles or watched documentaries about WWII, then you’re probably aware of the fact that everything was insanely different. We aren’t afraid to

weird Victorian Christmas traditions
World History

9 Most Disturbing Old Christmas Traditions

Can you guess what the top weird Victorian Christmas traditions are? Before the 1800s, Christmas was not nearly as well-known as today. Even if people used to celebrate it, it wasn’t spectacular, lavish, or even pretty. The 1840s introduced many

ancient civilizations
World History

10 Things Ancient People Did Better Than Us

10 Ancient Inventions that Will Blow Your Mind: Only a couple of decades ago, ancient civilizations were seen as simple, primitive people. But continuous discoveries since then have revealed that there’s, in fact, a myriad of things we still don’t

disaster expensive
World History

The 10 Largest And Most Expensive Mistakes In History

We all know by now that the brightest minds in the world have made some brilliant feats of engineering, and we should be thankful for all the things that we now call “normal” because someone once thought about them hard

World History

9 History Facts so Weird They Seem Fake (But Aren’t)

History classes were undeniably very interesting, but all of our teachers wanted to make us keep in mind details like important years and dates, and most of them were just hard to remember. While it’s important for every citizen to

female assassins
World History

7 History’s Most Gruesome Female Assassins

A lot of times we associate the word “murderer” with a man, but throughout history there were plenty of female assassins who, in fact, were far more dangerous than men. Since the beginning of time, women have had lower social