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Famous Figures

Nazi hunters
Famous Figures

Who Were the Most Famous Nazi Hunters?

Do you know these Nazi hunters?  Years after the end of WWII, stories about the Holocaust and Nazis still haunt us. Probably one of the most asked questions of all time is why so many innocent people died, and a

rulers far worse than Putin
Famous Figures

Top Frightening 10 Rulers Far Worse than Putin

These are the rulers far worse than Putin:  No, no, I am not trying to take sides, nor am I trying to diminish how bad the world we’re living in today is. While we’d expect to have a lot of

Jim Jones
Famous Figures

Jonestown: 7 Secrets of Jim Jones’ Shocking Cult

Jim Jones and his terrible cult: one of the worst Tragedies in American history!  Back in the ’70s, long before the Haven’s Gate and the Manson Family crimes, there was a “charismatic” preacher named Jim Jones who started the cult

Famous Figures

John F. Kennedy: 6 Incredible Facts Few People Know

John F. Kennedy, often known as JFK, was the 35th President of the United States, and one of the ones who lead a truly fascinating life. He was in office between 1961-1963 and spent most of his life as a

Hitler, love life
Famous Figures

10 Shocking Facts About Hitler’s Love Life Revealed

What was it like to date the Führer?  There is no surprise that Hitler’s personal life was as tumultuous and manipulative as his dictatorship. I mean, who could possibly believe that the personification of evil was capable of loving someone?

George Washington
Famous Figures

9 Facts About George Washington That You Probably Didn’t Know

George Washington is perhaps one of the most important figures in US history. Washington, America’s first president and a great warrior, has an interesting life story that is also littered with lies. Many of us have heard legends of him

king charles III
Famous Figures

8 Surprising Facts About About King Charles III

King Charles III was the longest-serving heir apparent to the British throne. He was just 3 years old when King George VI, his grandfather, passed away and his mother became queen, serving 70 years on the throne. But, despite people