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Jonestown: 7 Secrets of Jim Jones’ Shocking Cult

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Jim Jones and his terrible cult: one of the worst Tragedies in American history! 

Back in the ’70s, long before the Haven’s Gate and the Manson Family crimes, there was a “charismatic” preacher named Jim Jones who started the cult called the People’s Temple. And what a cult that was! It was the single largest deliberate loss of American lives that happened approximately 500 miles away from the closest American border, somewhere in Guyana, a remote jungle.

Somehow, after convincing them to join the cult or the church, as he wanted to say because he never admitted publicly that it was a cult, in November 1978, more than 900 of its members died by drinking poison. Back then and even now, this event left a blood mark on American history that still haunts us to this day.

But how did Jim Jones manage to control all of them, and what was his story? Let’s find out more insights about the San Francisco-based religious group called the Peoples Temple and how it began to raise suspicion back in the day.

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