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American History

US cities
American History

These 7 US Cities Changed Their Names. Do You Know Why?

It’s amazing to discover how these US cities changed their name!  When it came to founding new towns, there was one issue that all of the settlers, from the first residents of the original 13 colonies to the pioneers who

US Presidents who were pro-slavery
American History

Unbelievable! These 10 US Presidents Were Pro-Slavery

Do you know who are the US Presidents who were pro-slavery?   Slavery was and still is a huge mark in history, and unfortunately, it represents one of the darkest eras in American history. While a lot of people are trying

symbols hidden in U.S. landmarks
American History

9 Unusual Symbols Hidden in U.S. Landmarks That Will Blow Your Mind

They say all American citizens know about these symbols hidden in U.S. landmarks; do you? In most cases, landmarks in the United States are pretty straightforward. You can easily spot their details with a single glance, but if you look

presidential mysteries

Nobody Can Explain These 8 Presidential Mysteries… Can You?

The most powerful office in America hides a lot of secrets, and that’s why we are here today. We want to tell you more about some suspicious and intriguing presidential mysteries. If you ever started reading about presidential mysteries, we

serial killer
American History

5 Infamous US Female Serial Killers

Have you heard of these serial killers who were women? A lot of us have heard about serial killers over the years, especially since the media and television have had a fascination with them over the last couple of decades.

American History

5 Shocking Stories About John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

The assassination of JFK is probably one of the most haunting and controversial events in American history. It all happened on November 22, 1963, and since then, it has sparked countless theories and conspiracies. A large number of Americans believe

wild west
American History

These 8 Photos Prove The Wild West Was Truly WILD

Have you ever wondered how was it like living in the Wild West? By 1865, more than 30,000 miles of train tracks crisscrossed America. And as the Civil War was over, and people were finally free from slavery, millions of