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7 Unexpected Shortages That Occurred Throughout History

Photo by Checubus from Shutterstock

In 2017, Christmas trees weren’t available because of the recession that took place 10 years before

The unexpected shortage of Christmas trees that hit the United States is unfolding up to this day, but it actually started because of the nationwide recession that lasted from 2007 to 2009. Those hard economic times did nothing but convince the vast majority of agricultural businesses that they need to reduce how much they were planting.

However, when the product that you plant takes a decade to mature, as it goes with trees, the impact of such a decision won’t be felt in the moment. The US already managed to move on from that recession, and nowadays, Christmas trees are planted regularly, but they can’t save the crops that were missing in the past. By the 2020 holiday season, we can only hope that the tree stocks will return to previous levels.

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  1. I found this so interesting as I do remember some of the shortages, but never knew the reason why? I love learning about history as one is never to old to learn something new. Thank you so very much.

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