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7 Unexpected Shortages That Occurred Throughout History

Photo by Patcharaporn Puttipon4289 from Shutterstock

In 2018, KFC completely ran out of chicken in the United Kingdom

When your company name is basically based on the word “chicken”, running out of the main product might become a HUGE problem. Well, this happened to KFC in the United Kingdom in 2018. The shortage was completely internal, and it was the result of KFC UK & Ireland switching their delivery contracts to DHL.

This was the main reason why the chicken shipment was delayed, which led to the temporary closing of more than 600 restaurants. As KFC pointed out to its UK customers, “the chicken crossed the road, but not to our restaurants.” Luckily, “The Colonel” managed to figure it out, as the shortage lasted a short while.

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  1. I found this so interesting as I do remember some of the shortages, but never knew the reason why? I love learning about history as one is never to old to learn something new. Thank you so very much.

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