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7 Unexpected Shortages That Occurred Throughout History

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Bad weather that limited grazing time eventually led to a butter shortage in Norway

Norwegians got a nasty gift for the 2011 holiday season: a terrible shortage of butter, which was one of their most beloved national products. The disappearance of this tasty spread came after an ordinately wet summer took over Scandinavia, which resulted in lower-quality animal feed, and lowered the milk productivity in the region’s cattle.

As the butter shortage took a toll on many other Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, the worst to be hit was Norway, where there was only one government-controlled co-op, known as Tine, that produced 90% of the nation’s supply. For that holiday season, few eager consumers actually had the chance of buying butter, leaving everyone else with no less than unbuttered Christmas buns.

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  1. I found this so interesting as I do remember some of the shortages, but never knew the reason why? I love learning about history as one is never to old to learn something new. Thank you so very much.

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