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6 Most Famous Female Crooks in History

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…Who do you think was the most famous crook in history?

There are many movies and books that are based on robberies and gangsters who live fiercely and don’t have a problem with the bad things they do. Unfortunately, theft is common, and the chances of a break-in at a home or business go up dramatically when proper security measures aren’t taken.

Nobody enjoys getting home only to discover their valuables have been stolen. But many people, including us, find it interesting to learn about the past of famous bank robbers and jewel thieves.

Clyde Barrow and his sidekick Bonnie Parker went on a crime spree that lasted 21 months, making them as well-known as Jesse James and Blackbeard. It’s a well-known truth that many notorious criminals have been women.

Yes, you’ve read that right—the female crooks were pretty talented at their mischievous “jobs,” and we wanted to know more about their stories. Sounds interesting? Then read along with us to discover the 6 most famous female crooks in history!

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  1. I clicked on the link and all I got was Bonie Parker, who I already knew about. What happened to the others?

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