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5 Shocking Stories About John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

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1. Was it a mob hit?

It was a widely spread rumor that John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 election. People say that with the help of the mafia, he managed to secure the votes of the state of Illinois, which was a key state during that time. Since the Kennedys were no strangers to the mafia and organized crime, there is also a theory that states the family was in conflict with the mob.

This theory is based on the fact that because Kennedy’s operation to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba was deemed unsuccessful, the casinos that were run by organized crime remained shut down. More than that, the brother of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, was an attorney, and this was not pleasing the mob. Even more, Robert Kennedy was involved during that time in a case against Jimmy Hoffa.

The biographer Evan Thomas stated that Robert Kennedy was afraid that he had managed to get his brother killed. Robert was involved in the persecution of the mafia and also in the attempts to assassinate Castro. He thought that he would get killed, but in the end, his brother, JFK, was the unfortunate one.

After the incident, Robert Kennedy was followed by the thought that all of his actions haunted his family and that maybe he was the one to blame for the death of his brother.

What do you think about this theory? Do you believe that Robert Kennedy can be blamed for John F. Kennedy’s assassination?

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