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5 Shocking Stories About John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

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4. The government is to blame

This is probably the scariest theory that exists out there: The JFK assassination was an inside job, and the government is involved. Biographer Philip Shenon told NBC News in an interview that the first thing Robert Kennedy thought about the murder of his brother was the possible involvement of the CIA. Yes, Bobby Kennedy believed that the government played a role in all of this. But after he had a discussion with CIA Director John McCone, Kennedy changed his mind.

The CIA claimed it had nothing to do with the assassination, yet the public remained unconvinced by their claims. A secret organization like the CIA that also has the motive to be angry (the leader of the CIA was not pleased by the Bay of Pigs invasion) will always be suspect, even when it claims not to have anything to do with the crime.

What do you think? Was the government involved in the JFK assassination? Tell us in the comments.

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