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The 10 Largest And Most Expensive Mistakes In History

expensive disaster
Photo by Joseph Sohm from Shutterstock

The Pennsylvanian Johnstown Flood

The South Fork Dam was the main cause of the 1889 Johnstown Flood. The consequences were so disastrous that they are commonly known as the Great Flood of 1889. After unusually heavy rain, the dam simply cracked as it couldn’t hold the water anymore.

All the wealthy families of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club changed the dam, which led to its inability to withstand any storms. Even if the matter was carefully investigated, they didn’t discover all the cover-ups related to the flood until 2016. The flood killed 2,209 people and caused $484 million in damage. It is still one of the biggest floods to ever occur in the United States.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Collapse

Back on May 9th, a very bad rainstorm hit Tampa, Florida. In fact, that rainstorm was what made the Oshima Shipbuilding Company freighter tragically crash into the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The accident was so bad that a support column covering almost 1,200 feet of roadway instantly fell.

No less than 35 people were tragically killed, and way more were injured in the collapse. The captain of the ship was John Lerro, and he was, luckily, cleared of any wrongdoing, but the bridge still sucked more than $634 million out of the budget for repairs. That’s so expensive!


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