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The 10 Largest And Most Expensive Mistakes In History

expensive mistake
Photo by Vlad Teodor from Shutterstock

We all know by now that the brightest minds in the world have made some brilliant feats of engineering, and we should be thankful for all the things that we now call “normal” because someone once thought about them hard enough.

We now have access to everything from buildings to bridges and other forms of transportation. We live in an era of advancement, and all these upgrades are definitely expensive. Even so, from time to time, these projects might suffer from small errors in their construction or have a faulty design.

Or, perhaps, it had nothing to do with how they were built and designed, and it was just a devastating force that ruined the whole thing. In each case, it led to a massive accident, which not only risked and killed many human lives but also cost a lot of money to fix. Here are some of the most relevant examples:

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