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Top 6 Most Scandalous Things Melania Trump Has Done

,Melania Trump
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What are your thoughts on Melania Trump? 

There are quite a few people who think that Donald Trump was a disputed and even questionable leader during his years at the White House. That’s because he had many appearances and statements where he mentioned some disturbing things, such as the Muslim ban.

However, it seems like he was not the only one who did so. Melania Trump has been at the center of controversy during her 4 years as the first lady, and many citizens have said that she needs to put a little more thought into her speeches and even into her outfit choices.

From the time she wore a controversial Zara jacket to visit detained children at the US border to when she was caught on camera cursing about Christmas decorations, there were some scandalous things that the wife of the former head of state has done that we can’t forget about.

The First Ladies of the United States have usually played a delicate, modest, tightrope-walking role. They have had to support their husbands without stealing the spotlight, work on charity projects, and, in recent years, become fashion stars.

Speaking of that, Melania Trump has accomplished every one of those things and more, and not always in a good way. The headlines she made during her 4 years in America’s most exclusive abode are still vivid in our memories, and we want to talk to you about some of them.

With that being said, here are the 6 weirdest things Melania Trump has done!

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66 Responses

  1. I think Melania stunk at being The First Lady! She always looked like she couldn’t care less about anything, no matter what was coming out of her mouth! Just like her husband! Neither one of them EVER belonged in The White House! They think they’re above everyone else!

    1. They are cause the rest of the people are IGNORANT!! Proof Biden is in office. BRAIN CANCER FAMILY!!!!!!’

  2. The Trumps broke many traditions while occupying the White House. One thing that wasn’t mentioned here: Melania trashed Jackie Kennedy’s rose garden, which really upset lots of people, including me!

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I have to say that Melania’s end result of the garden was absolutely spectacular. She had to clear a lot of things to get it that way, and haters are gonna hate from the get-go. But her final transition was splendid. People who don’t like it feel that way becasue of TDS.

      1. Go getter my ass! How do you know what she had to clear in order to damage a beautiful garden. She probably never saw a real garden until she got into the White House. Go getter, that is someone who improves something and gets things done, what else fabulous did she do? Or was that her only claim to fame….

    2. You’re so wrong about Melania Trump. She is a very classy woman and why would she go to an inauguration of the illegitimate president.

  3. The trumps are a very tacky, low class mob family who don’t care about anything but themselves, and should never have in our government in the first place! They have more money than brains and shouldn’t be admired by anyone! They made our whole country look pathetic in the eyes of the world and I hope to God they are never in a position of power again!

    1. I think Melania Trump was a lovely and thoughtful First Lady. I believe Vogue magazine made a sad mistake for not putting her on at least one of their covers. All during the Trump administration from when Mr. And Mrs. Trump came down the escalator announcing his run for the White House, he has been ridiculed from day one. He could do nothing right. I personally believe he was cheated out of a second term as president. He would have continued to finish building the wall that we so desperately have needed. If Biden had been smart and cared about the American people he would have continued building the wall. I will vote for Mr. Trump in 2024, he deserves another term.

      1. Presdent Trump was and will be reelected. He has done more for this country than any other president other than President Regan. He deserves another term to correct the damage that Biden has been doing. Biden has no soul and GOD knows this.

        1. Here is where you explain what trump did to benefit regular Americans and tax cut for the rich don’t count. Plus if you missed Melania’s performance on porn hub, you are missing a skill that got her Donald trump.

      2. She was lovely and gracious while putting up with a media that demonized her every move. Why does no one point out that Jill Biden is committing elder abuse? Talk about lousy first ladies.

      3. at the rate trump was getting the wall built it would onlt take about 75 more years. He wasn’t cheated, he did not get the vores needed an one of his recordings even proves it ” i can’t believe i lost to that guy” what else do you need ?

      4. And Mr. Trump will destroy our country. He will make it into a third world country with all his lackeys in his admin. Trumps should never be allowed to be anywhere near the WH. Read Project 2025 for some scary reading about his agenda.

      5. You believe a proven liar, rapist, sexual abuser, criminal, cheater, draft dodger, who calls are military members losers, and publicly disparages people with disabilities, a good man to run our country. Apparently, you have no bottom to your barrel. Melania? Chased trump to stay in this country, as she was here illegally. Discounting the fact she was a porn model, could not speak 6 languages ( could barely manage English), never had a college education, she could have done a lot for this country, for women, children, and immigrants, since she was one herself. She chose not to engage with the public. Raised in the forest by wolves, no clue what it means to be an American. Pathetic.

    2. “a low class mob family”?
      And how would you evaluate the Clinton’s, the Biden’s and many other elected politicians we put in DC?
      This is an obvious hit piece against Trump when it purposely overlooks the deeply embedded corruption that has permeated DC for decades!

    3. Totally agree! In every way America cannot afford another 4 years of this toxic family.
      Cruel, vicious, uncaring, ignorant and self centered is their only claim to fame. Empathy is not a word they know!

  4. Read articule,my opinion of Mrs. Trump,she is great did what she wanted,her way ,her dress code ,awesome, tradition sucks to some extent.
    The way those other stuck up
    “1st. Ladies ” treated her is disgusting, Melania doesn’t have to pretend

  5. Elenor Roosevelt: “True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth . . .” An example of a First Lady who could think and speak, not about manners and polite duties, but of matters of import.
    The horribly inappropriate manners with regards to the”transition of power” displayed by the Trumps is just that.

  6. I think you are judging her way to hard. She doesn’t care to decorate for Christmas! Big deal the world is not ending. I’m sure the words were between girlfriends not political parties.
    You can tell by her speech English is not her first language! Let’s get a grip on important things.
    We are all independent people she is not her husband and as such she as the right to dress how she wants, talk as she wants as well be who she wants!
    She is not any more important than anyone else let’s stop the hatred of everything Trump.

    1. MaryAnn you are right that she is not being treated fairly at all. English may not be her first language, but she speaks 12 different languages so I don’t know of any other First Lady who has that gift!

  7. Another article trashing the Trumps! Melania this time. The Trumps have been gone long enough that this kind of thing should have stopped by now! This behavior of continually trashing these people and airing embarrassing footage of members of congress running down the halls and hiding under desks, shrieking like frightened 5 year olds, for the whole world to see is not exactly conduct expected from government members of the world’s super power. It’s embarrassing to see it aired for the whole world to watch over and over. It’s lost our nation more respect on the world stage every time it’s aired. These articles are no different! Just stop it! It’s time to move on!

  8. She did nothing wrong !women black. brown, and white hated her because of her beauty and grace. !The only 1st lady that even came close was Jackie Kennedy.! Take one look at what is accepted as beauty today! You will see how disgusting ,fat, trans bad tatoo with ink all over Clown hair. What a shame.. No one wants to look like this. It is a shame what we have become so lacks in simple pretty neat .Hair that is 2 foot kink or rope hair.3inch long pointed nails .

  9. I don’t blame her for not liking the hoopla associated with Christmas. It is way overdone but as the 1st Lady she could have made an effort. I don’t like either of these 1st ladies. They are associated with T-Rump THE WORST PRESIDENT the USA has EVER had! They made bad decisions to marry this corrupt dishonest man just like so many made the mistake to vote for his backside.

  10. Michelle O’Bama (while she was in the White House) actually stated,
    “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America.”
    Her comment hurt abundant war veterans and families, as well as every day Americans.
    America under President Reagan was a proud country (even with President Clinton).

  11. Melania Trump was the worst First Lady in my lifetime. She didn’t seem to have much consideration for anyone. I thought it was a slap in the face to Jill Biden when Melania did not have tea and show the upcoming First Lady around The White House living quarters.

  12. Melania Trump was shameful as a first lady. Her looks, her fashion, her etiquette are only skin deep. Pretty is as pretty does! She was NOT pretty.

    1. Jackie you are sick. The Saudi Arabia government, and Asian countries had a lot of respect to this family. The leaders of these countries welcomed this family with the highest honors than any US Presidents who visited their countries, visit the websites of Pres. Trumps official visits for my relatives witnessed their visits in the Middle East.

  13. Favorite First Lady, hands down, is the intelligent, kind, well spoken Michelle Obama. Melanie had four years to make a positive impression and impact, but instead came off as elitist and aloof with no thought given to anyone else. Her demeanor spoke volumes about her thinking and acting like it was beneath her to speak to or care about anyone (everyone ) she deemed beneath her.

  14. Melania was a selfish woman. A former porn star, she did not sign up for that job as First Lady. What a strange couple the Trumps were.

  15. Bill Clinton has been the only president in the past 20 years that have left our country in the BLACK. Every other president in the white house has left our country in a huge deficit!!! Yes the clintons are corrupt, just like every person in politics.

  16. The First Lady, wore clothes that were too short, stood most of the time looking like she was in a daze. She never added to the White House in any way shape or form. Who doesn’t live in the White House like all the other First Ladies. She was taking care of her child, so what! I felt sorry for her being married to that ego crazed orange stain. No, I was not impressed with her especially from her past background, she wasn’t a teacher, volunteer, church goer. She was an exmodel who ended up with that Jack Ass.

  17. She codes..with attire, decorations, etc as the evil has been doing..but We the People worldwide are waking up. We learn their codes and corruption and share as truthers, we the censored ones. English is not her first language..extremely intelligent, fighting this white hat covert war to free us slaves of the cabal luciferians

  18. Don’t beat on Melania. She is the classiest first lady since Jackie Kennedy. I could say plenty about other first ladies but I have more class than to do so and so should this article.

  19. I don’t believe one word of all this misinformation about Melanie Trump. She is the most liked First Lady as far as I know and she is the most respected. She is elegant and has class that no other First Lady has had so this information should be deleted from this article. She is beautiful and most peole are jeolous of her and wish they could be like her and look like her. She did more good for the White House like decorating the White House for Christmas. She took great interest and helped underpriviledge children get through terrible times. There is a whole list of many more great things she has done.

  20. Considering the way the entire Trump family was treated, I find it hard to criticize. anything she did or didn’t do. I find it positively appalling the way they were placed under a higher level microscope than any other first family has ever been scrutinized. As for her speach’s, you DO realize that someone else writes them, same someone who wrote Obamas, and deliberately set Melania up in my opinion. In light of the perceived stolen election by Joe Biden , it would be a huge slap in the face of her husband if she had attended the Biden installation in the White house. How can ANYONE fault her for that. The Democrat owned media spread so many lies about the Trumps even attacking their son Barron. No other president or first family has EVER been treated like Trump & family was, ….disgracefully from day one !.

  21. I think that we should give Mrs. Trump a break regarding “Christmas spirit”. Why? She is Jewish. Christmas spirit is not something that comes naturally to her. I know the White House is extremely decorated at Christmas. I am certain that does take a lot of time and effort for many people.
    Hannukah decorations are fewer and more meaningful. That is what she is used to, I believe.

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