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5 Infamous US Female Serial Killers

serial killer
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Have you heard of these serial killers who were women?

A lot of us have heard about serial killers over the years, especially since the media and television have had a fascination with them over the last couple of decades. Be it our own morbid curiosity or just a drive to know what humankind is capable of, we have all heard about their stories. Yet, there is a myth going around out there that only men have been serial killers over the years. And while it is true that men have been more prevalent and infamous due to their actions, that does not mean that women are not capable of doing the same things.

If anything, history has taught us that women may have caused the same amount of horrible crimes, but due to the fact that society chose to believe that they could not do “such a thing,” a lot of them walked scot-free! To help us all remember that there are female counterparts to the likes of Ted Bundy and John May Gacy, we have gathered the stories of some of the most infamous and cruel American female serial killers to share with you!

Have you heard of these women before? Are there any other names you would like to see on our list? For all of these and more, leave us a comment!

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