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5 Of History’s Deadliest and Most Dangerous Serial Killer Couples

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…Do you know any popular serial killer couples?

When we think about people who don’t really care about other humans and prefer to only think about themselves, we typically have Bonnie and Clyde in mind. They are popular all over the world for their mean attitudes and the crimes they committed, but they are not the only ones.

Let’s talk a bit about what serial killers actually are before we move along to our topic. There is research that says serial killers are people who murder at least 3 people, and the reasons they do it are diverse, such as attention-seeking, anger, financial gain, or thrill-seeking. We can say that these humans have twisted minds and enjoy being cruel and brutal because otherwise, we don’t know why they would do such things.

We typically see murderers in movies, and we’re shocked by how ruthless and barbaric they can be with their victims. But the reality is different and is even more dangerous than fiction. We’ve previously said that they don’t care that much about other people, but that’s only partially true. When they find another person that is just like them, they can easily fall in love and commit crimes together.

If you want to know more about love and felony stories, keep reading along with us, because here are 5 of history’s deadliest and most dangerous serial killer couples:

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