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John F. Kennedy: 6 Incredible Facts Few People Know

JFK in limousine via Wikimedia Commons

John F. Kennedy, often known as JFK, was the 35th President of the United States, and one of the ones who lead a truly fascinating life. He was in office between 1961-1963 and spent most of his life as a public person. Everybody knows about JFK’s death, but how much do we know about this fascinating man’s life?

I was so curious that I just had to know the deepest secrets few people know about JFK and now I want to share them with you.

Here’s what you’ll find in this post:

  • Page 2: Why did JFK write a book at just 22 and later win a Pulitzer prize?
  • Page 3: How did Mr. Kennedy almost die many times before becoming President?
  • Page 4: How was JFK recording all of his White House conversations?
  • Page 5: Why did he want to work with the Soviets so badly?
  • Page 6: Which was the last movie JFK watched and why?
  • Page 7: Why was John F. Kennedy’s religion controversial?

This, along with many other surprises, are waiting to be explored so let’s start with a fascinating insight…

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