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10 Rare Photos of the Most Beautiful Actresses When They Were Young

Who is your favorite actress?

Actresses have always been a huge part of Hollywood. Back in the ’60s and ’70s, everyone was sitting in front of the TV, waiting for their favorite stars to make their appearance. We were all curious to see their makeup, the way they were dressed, what hairstyles they had, and what character they were about to start playing.

The majority of women wanted to look like them. They were simple yet glamorous, and they were also very talented. We were curious to see what they looked like before they became the stars of Hollywood. We did some research and we found amazing pictures of them when they were younger.

They were just as stunning as they were in the cinema or on television! Keep reading to discover all of them! Here are 10 rare photos of the most beautiful actresses when they were young.

actress Sophia Lauren
Courtesy of Pinterest

1. Sophia Loren

Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone, known as Sophia Lauren to the whole world, is a gorgeous Italian actress, very popular for her roles in “Two Women” and in “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. In 1951, she started a successful career in movies, and people quickly thought she was one of the most beautiful females in the world.

Many of her fans say that she has something special about her physical features, such as her Mediterranean look and her Italian glamour. Well, she is still really pretty, which makes everyone crazy about her. Her beautiful features weren’t the only ones that made her very appreciated. Her talent made her win the Best Actress Academy Award for the film “Two Women” in 1961, and in 1991, Loren received the Academy Honorary Award.

Even though she is now mature, the star is still booked by impressive brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, who collaborated with the Hollywood celeb for a TV spot for one of their perfumes, Dolce Rose.

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113 Responses

  1. I did not see mention of two whom I thought should have been mentioned. They are Loretta Young and Raquel Welch. Why not?

    1. Angie was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was a beauty when she was young. My favorite also.

  2. Meryl Streep???? Really???

    at least the title was

    ” 10 Rare Photos of the Most Beautiful Actresses When They Were Young”

    and not

    ‘ The 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Ever’ …….

    and so glad that Rene Zellweger and Sara Jessica Parker were left off the list, inclusion of those two would have made this list laughable

  3. Norma Jeane (you left off the “e”) was, indeed, very intelligent. She studied Method Acting, and surprised a lot of people with her intelligence. They all thought the character she was cast the most as (the dumb blonde) was how she really was! She was also reported to have a good memory, important when you have to memorize a 100 page script. I was like Elton John – the kid in the 42nd row.

    1. I totally agree with you on Susan Hayward. She had that rare, true beauty and could play any part they threw at her. Actresses like her are not to be these days. That mold was long ago broken. Sad…The new wave females that call themselves actresses just have no clue….Ms Hayward had it all!
      Now off to rewatch “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” for the umpteenth time! Thanks for the post….now I know what old movies I’ll be watching in the next few days!

  4. She has always been beautiful and classy even into her 70’s. On top of that she has a sense of humor and not afraid to let her guard down.

  5. Where are Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinalle? There are three iconic European actresses: Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinalle.
    Bardot and Cardinalle didn’t play in american movies, so they don’t count as world actresses? For Americans the world starts and ends on America, nothing else counts. We have no idea how much we are losing because of this small town attitude.

    1. I agree!! Bardot is a legend and an icon!!Unique and a prototype for the Blondes that came after her in the 60’s and 70’s and beyond!!

  6. Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Hailey Berry, Angela Bassett, Raquel Welch, etc. I am sure that Ms. Dandridge would fit in the age range as most of the women listed. Of course, most of the other ladies would fit in with Ms. Streep.

    1. Dorothy Dandridge, definitely! She was my first “favorite actress”, with my scrapbook of her to prove it. It was a terrible loss for Hollywood, the American people, and my impressionable childhood self to lose her at such a young age.

  7. Halle Berry, not on the list.
    More beautiful now, than ever…

    Vanessa Williams … duh

    Diahann Carroll, come on folks….

    Selma Hayek…

  8. These ladies are all beauties, but my favorite is Ingrid Bergman. Not a fabulous “looker” but a quiet beauty. Wonderful actress! Anastasia my favorite movie. I always cry!

  9. Elizabeth Taylor is the perfect beauty, bar none! Who is. Monica B.? Meryl Steep is a great actress, but certainly not beautiful….her nose doesn’t line up with her mouth and her hands and her hands look like she is a farm worker. Many actresses are more beautiful than Olivia Newton John….she is cute, not beautiful. Who decided these top ten most beautiful?

    1. Olivia NewtonJohn? Meryl Streep?
      Seriously??? Check out all the other beauties all of us came up with!

  10. I always loved Audrey Hepburn. She was stunning and a classic. I liked her role in the movie who father is a butler and she lives on top of the garage. Falls in love. I can’t think the name of that movie. I seem it many time.

  11. I think you had a great list. I would only add Delores Del Rio – another stunner from a bygone era.

  12. I have a hunch there’s nary a dud in the Bond [good or bad] Girl bunch. That includes Sophie Marceau, doncha know, every Mon with ayes wide open, would List as a momma ‘scent’ from heaven.

  13. Liz Taylor is my favorite. She had personality plus beauty.
    I Always thought the eldest girl on “Last Man Standing” (the original girl) looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor.

  14. Classic, there will never be stars like that again. Now days your a star for a minute then fizzle out fast.

  15. All these women were indeed the most beautiful to someone. However, have you considered lasting beauty? Marilyn Monroe’s beauty was preserved by her passing. Of those living, I was amazed to see Jane Seymour still looking good and perhaps Ann Blythe in her later years.

  16. Yes Vivien Leigh & Audrey Hepburn were our most lovable & admired Actresses for their talent & Beauty! Thanks so to post this nice article. But what is about Kim Novak, Natalie Wood, Brigitte Bardot, We did not think Strep is in the list of the most beauty Females in Hollywood or Film industry!

  17. they all were beautiful women and deserve everything that was gave to them as we all enjoy the flash back….. thank you for sharing

  18. How can you leave out Raquel? And Kim Novak, Julie Christie, Jean Harlow, Kim Basinger, Katherine Ross, Ann-Margaret, Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth?

  19. On the subject of these pictured ladies being beautiful..all these ladies were/are/ always will be beautiful

  20. Where is Jean Tierney or Ingrid Bergman? Both were absolutely stunning and
    terrific actresses. Vanessa Williams and Angela Bassett belong in the group as well!!

  21. Olivia and Norma Jean are not only beautiful on the outside. Both ladies have that special something that shines from their hearts. That is what attracted me to them.

  22. Yes. I agreed She is beautiful as young woman too. but you miss Linda Darnell she was listed one
    of 10 Beautiful woman’s in that time.

  23. Why don’t you just say “the 10 most beautiful WHITE WOMEN actresses when they were young”?? Oh….yes….of course non-white actresses don’t/didn’t meet your (racist?!?!) “standards” for the definition of “beautiful”. PULLEEASSEE!!!

  24. I think you really missed the mark on this one! You said “beautiful”…
    Where is Natalie Wood? Veronica Lake?
    Several more I think would beat out two of your choices and more!
    I hate these “polls” as they never quite work that well.

  25. I also agree that Natalie Wood should be on this list. And if you actually took a Rank Choice poll of the Top 30 most beautiful actresses, somebody like Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t be in the top five, but she might be somewhere around 23rd or so.

  26. Monica Bellucci is my pick for No. 1 from those presented. Raquel Welch, Natalie Wood, Loretta Young, Angie Dickinson and a host of others should be in an expanded “Most Beautiful Actresses When They Were Young”.

  27. My favorite would have to be Audrey Hepburn. Her face was just perfect and I loved her accent. The choice was hard because I really like more of them. But this is my choice!

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