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8 Chilling Photos Nobody Can Explain to This Day

Photo by Idrus from Shutterstock

Weird photos that nobody can explain have been circulating long before the rise of the internet, digital cameras, and Photoshop, and even with the modern technology picture experts have at their fingertips, many still remain unexplained.

From snaps of apparent supernatural phenomena to mysterious photos that seem to confirm the existence of alien life, these images have been fueling many conspiracy theories since film’s invention. Moreover, some of these photographs have increased in popularity since online connectivity has become part and parcel of day-to-day life.

Many of these photos have turned out to be hoaxes, fakes that were exposed many years later when modern technology gave experts the tools to dissect photographs and break down their composition, but some mysteries are still unexplained.

While we don’t know whether they are real or not, one thing’s for sure: they make our imagination run wild.

Here are 8 chilling photos that nobody can explain!

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