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7 History’s Most Gruesome Female Assassins

female assassins
Photo by ozgur_oral From Shutterstock

A lot of times we associate the word “murderer” with a man, but throughout history there were plenty of female assassins who, in fact, were far more dangerous than men. Since the beginning of time, women have had lower social status than men, but this often offered them an advantage in espionage or assassination work because few people believed that women were capable of such things when they were viewed as inferior. Wicked, right?

However, none of these female assassins were deterred by social norms, and several of them changed the course of history with a well-placed poisoning or cunning stabbing. All of them were successful in their attempts to kill someone, or more than one person, despite the oddness of some of their assassination techniques.

Prepare yourself to be amazed at how gruesome all these female assassins in worldwide history were!

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