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6 Weird Beliefs People Had 50 Years Ago 

Even if fifty years ago doesn’t seem like a long time, the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s were some crazy times, and the changes that took place since then might really surprise you. Sure, during those times significant events took place, like the moon landing and the fight for civil rights, but people surely had some bizarre beliefs that might appear out of this world to us. 

Most of these ideas were based on actual experiments and studies. Yet, the lack of actual understanding led to numerous falsehoods being accepted as reality. Looking back on such moments can be beneficial since it can make us more aware of how others respond and adjust to false information.

We should also bear in mind that, even if we have better access to knowledge and are more informed, some of our views may appear hilarious to future generations.

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  1. weird beliefs from 2023

    1 the belief that the climate can be changed
    2 the belief that socialism is a good thing
    3 the belief that everything should be free
    4 the belief that nobody has to work
    5 the belief that the southern border should be open
    6 the belief that the police should be defunded.

    1. Don’t forget men can have babies now and after millennia it’s no longer possible for even indoctrinated errr I mean educated individuals to define the word “woman”. Who would have guessed that 50 years ago?

      1. Dennis, men can not have babies. I wish people would stop with this crap. It is biologically impossible for a born male to have a child. Accademia needs to put a stop to this ridiculous notion now.

      2. We keep asking ourselves, “Where has Common Sense gone?”
        Men able to have babies??? I have to ask, Did everyone fall asleep during health class, or are the really trying to push this ridiculous concept on our children?

    2. Socialism has been beneficial in many parts of the world. In many countries the Healthcare and education is socialized and people wouldn’t change it. Maybe it wouldn’t work here, the people who are making millions or even billions have too much political influence and will fight hard to keep all their houses and cars and influence.

      1. Yes, and they want to keep it that way so the poor stays poor. It is a manufactured belief system of “selfish and soulless” beings that are inbred by other selfish and soulless “wealthy predators” these past 50 years!

      2. Socialized education has failed miserably in the United States. Socialized healthcare has benefits, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. Having to wait ridiculous amounts of time to receive care, having the government decide if you are worthy of care, not being able to take your children out of your country for care even when the offer to treat your child has been made. There is a reason Canadians and people from all over the world come to the United States for surgeries and other care. The grass is not always greener… As an aside, the United States has socialized healthcare to an extent. You can not be turned away from a hospital if you are in need of emergency care and Medicaid is available to people who do not make enough money to afford healthcare. Obamacare is a failed experiment. Most of the plans are far too expensive for those who do not earn a decent wage and the plans that are not, do not cover half of what an actual plan does.

      3. In England the equivalent of income of $25,000 a year puts you into a 50% tax bracket to pay for that free medical.Dental is out of pocket. Yeah Socialism is great! Starvation wages and overtaxation.

      4. Dan, you are spot on. Those benefits you pointed out as Europeans and many Latin American countries have, many Americans who never visited other countries, label that as communism or socialism. This is because politicians tell them that this is communism and has no place in America. An honest politician who wanted to change that all, was Bernie Sanders. He had no chance against the right-wing party and lost the Presidential nomination.

      5. Just pause a minute and evaluate the mess that Venezuela is in. Just in my lifetime, this country was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. They are blessed with an abundance of oil, diamond, gold, copper and granite mines. Their socialist presidents/dictators chose socialism. Now Venezuela is a third world country, with their citizens fleeing the country because of lack of clean water, food, medicine and electricity. The former president Chavez brought in socialism, and Maduro followed in his footsteps. Socialism doesn’t work!

    3. Right on I’m so sick of the present time being hard on previous years when we don’t need to brag.

    4. Peter,
      * The belief that Republicans will not lie in order to stay in favor with their constituents
      * The belief that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged or “stolen”
      * The belief that the human behavior has nothing to do with climate
      * The belief that a political party wants to defend police departments
      * The belief that “they are coming to your neighborhood or coming for you” is true when politicians tell this stuff
      * The belief that vaccines do more harm than good

      1. All beliefs that created false truths from a lying sack of Republicans that backed an Ahole of a dunceCAP named donnie “know nothing” trump!

        1. This is false. You are not likely to be stupid or uninformed enough to believe this. Therefore, this statement is a deliberate lie. The lord says Thou shall not bear false witness. I will pray that you find the truth of Christ and repent before He returns to judge those who worship the false idol.

      2. Peter,
        You sound like someone who has a very unhealthy relationship with reality and common sense. You must be a brain washed Democrat.

    5. More weird beliefs:

      1. The belief that there’s nothing people can do to improve the climate.
      2. The belief that socialism is totally a bad thing.
      3. The belief that everything should cost money.
      4. The belief that there’s a belief that nobody has to work.
      5. The belief that the border should be forever and solidly closed.
      6. The belief that anybody believes that the police should be defunded.

    6. And the belief that America is a Terrible Nation….I say, then get on a Plane & Leave. Unless you’re proud to be an American, get the Hell Out, NO ONE WANTS YOUR ATTITUDE HERE…

      1. Rita, with all due respect, your response shows just the opposite of what you are trying to convey
        as a good American. In my book, a real American who loves his country and aims for the better should make people aware that many countries are much better in many areas than the United States. The US, of all Nations, can do better for their people. We have the money and resources to do so. Having to retire to another country to make ends meet or going there to pay for an operation is unheard of in Europe.

    7. The belief that someone attempting to overthrow an election is a patriot.
      The belief that 1/6 was not an insurrection.
      The belief that someone who repeatedly and compulsively lies should be believed.
      The belief that someone who cheated on all three of his wives should be trusted.
      The belief that someone who bankrupted six casinos is a wise businessman.
      The belief that someone who was fined $25 million for creating a fake university that cheated students, and $2 million for a fake foundation that cheated the government is honest.
      The belief that someone who has been indicted 91 times in several different venues, is innocent.
      The belief that the FBI should be defunded.
      The belief that a general should be executed for disagreeing with the President.
      The belief that someone who repeatedly defends Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong un has America’s best interests at heart.
      The belief that insults and disparagement are intelligent leadership.
      The belief that following a man who promulgates hatred of gays, blacks, browns, and all religions but Christianity is what Jesus would approve of.

      1. the belief that sea levels will rise…yet, we still buy ocean front property.
        The belief that open borders won’t effect national security
        the belief that uncle Joe would END covid
        the belief that if we pay Palistine there will be peace.
        the belief that Iran would only do good for their people if we released 6 billion dollars to them.
        the belief that 40+ friends all died of natural causes
        The belief that we all must pay our far share, just like uncle joe did with the 26 million from China.
        the belief that the democrats are hiding Epsteins flight records to protect the investigation.


    8. I believe these will top the weird charts fifty years from now if we are still around because we believed them. Like Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.” and I would add it is an enlightening, yet scary place to go.

    9. Peter, you are absolutely correct.
      1 The Dust Bowl
      2 Medical needs prioritized by how important that citizen is to the controlling politically powerful.
      3 Communist provides for everyone “equally”
      4 Try that next time you plant a garden!
      5 New York bought that one
      6 … and call your neighbor when there are no officers available!

    10. Agreed!


      7. The belief that feelings trump truth.
      8. The belief that “misinformation” *from the “other side”) negates freedom of speech.
      9. The belief that the hatred of “cisgender” whites is honorable.110. The belief that usurping the
      10. The belief that it is acceptable to usurp the DOJ to persecute political opponents.
      11. The belief that the US is a racist nation.
      12. The belief that we should sacrifice children on the altar of prosperity.

      And I could go on…

    11. This one about the belief that nobody has to work is wrong. God says if you don’t work, you don’t eat! If we work hard and find that things are insurmountable-one friend says the ends never meet, then we will find it’s not just money. We walk by faith not by sight! God is the person who sustains us despite money, bills, rate hikes, high or low gas prices, higher rents, etc. This is why we must work, so God can work behind the scenes to bring our biggest dreams, aspirations and hopes to fruition.

      I could not spend 24 hours every day with nothing to do. I would be PLUMB CRAZY!

  2. How about the belief that you should not go into the water within a certain amount of time after eating, because you might get cramps.

  3. Yes Peter socialism is bad because it represents all things bad like roads, bridges, schools (it seems you really hated schools), the post office, libraries (another one you hated), sidewalks and income tax breaks for the wealthy.

    1. Public schools are atrocious, they do nothing to prepare children for the real world. We could also do without the post office, it would be much more efficient run by the private sector. Infastructure isn’t ‘socialism’ it is simply a matter of maintaining one’s home. The government could (and should) find alternate ways of funding those projects that do not require the taking of citizen monies, though I personally have no problem supporting such things. I do, however, take issue with the government pretending that the tax monies they collect are for our benefit when mass amounts are funneled to other coutries and cities across this country look as they do and low income people, veterans, the elderly, and the mentally and physically disabled live as they do. WE (the USA) by providing everything to other countries (not only cash, but military support, humanitarian aid in the form of medication, food, clothing, etc.) allow other countries to pretend that socialism works. It does not. Because as a race, humans take more than they give and eventually the pot runs dry.

    2. Those aren’t socialist constructs, Rick. We vote for representatives who will make a case for building bridges and the tax cost of doing so, etc. Socialsm doesn’t ask anybody anything. Socialism just takes however much is wanted for whatever project with no voting or asking. You’ll pay whatever you’re told to pay. It’s down hill from there.

  4. First off I am a proud republican. With that being said. I agree wholeheartedly that the police in their current form should be defunded and disbanded. The atrocities that they commit on a daily basis against our marginalized populations are too numerous to mention. The current police model only breeds hate and disrespect.

  5. Cigarettes’ were promoted heavily 50 years or more ago into the past and because they were believed to promote productivity and were a symbol of prestige, being part of what was considered the in crowd. Controlling the right to smoke is an attempt by the almighty state to impose its will on the people as if something unhealthy affects everyone and we are a community who is cared for by the state and it is an overburden for the state run medical industry. Also giving the State the power to sue on behalf of the citizen and keep most of the proceeds like a tax. People are still doing very unhealthy things, disfiguring themselves is only one example of it, that is being promoted presently and castration of both male and female. The Sixties was the beginning of the socialist movement push in the United States of America resulting in a revolution that is still ongoing.

  6. Other forms of beliefs still to this day: god(s), religions, astrology, palm and tarot card readings, black cats, communion host and wine (actual body and blood of Jesus Christ) etc.

  7. 1. The belief that gender is “fluid” and that men can become women and vice versa.

    2. Related to #1, the belief that it is “gender affirming care” to remove sexual organs from children or adolescents.

    3. The belief that “a woman’s right to choose” justifies the killing of unborn babies, all the way up to the moment of birth.

    4. The belief that America is a racist country because some of its Founders had slaves. (Despite the fact that slavery existed for thousands of years and still exists all over the world, and that America is the only only to fight a war to end slavery, and that both blacks and whites owned slaves.)

    4. The belief that climate is an existential threat.

    5. The belief that life before computers, cell phones, social media, etc. must have been like living in the dark ages.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

  8. 1. That gods exist.
    2. Transubstantiation
    3. Original Sin
    4. Aliens built the Egyptian pyramids
    5. That vaccines cause autism.
    6. That the earth is flat.

    1. Jen, the existence of God, or more precisely and easier to understand, the afterlife is a given. I would be more curious to learn from you the He doesn´t exist.

  9. Sounds like the the liberal game plans of 2023! The new assault on our freedom headed up by AL Gore many years ago. It’s really sad how so many Americans have bought into this attack on our freedom.

  10. I NEVER heard of most of these , and I grew up in that era . Smoking for constipation? Really???
    I tried out seat belts for my own education, never stopped after using them once. Most friends thought I was crazy , UNTIL they tried them out. Ever try to make a hard right turn in a car with straight seats? I mean NO BUCKET seats , you will slide to the left.

  11. I saw a lot of typing around me throughout the 1970’s. There were no lasers to erase typographical errors, not even in the 1980’s, and certainly not in the 1960’s. The invention of typ-ex paper, a piece of paper that had white paint on the reverse could be inserted and typed over, which would place the white version of the letter over the black version and thus erase, was very popular. The alternative was a bottle of white out liquid that was brushed onto the word to be deleted. One had to wait for it to dry and then type over a surface that was no longer smooth.

    Lasers were however used in classrooms to highlight words in texts projected by overhead projectors, or perhaps on white boards, which back then were not linked to any computers. This was the late 1970’s and early 80’s.

    But in those days, lasers were used in surgery in particular to remove things like moles etc.

  12. You pretty much missed the mark on lasers; I’m not going to lecture you on the unbelievable list of uses these have—go look it up ! Jeez!

  13. Although I agree with the findings on sugar and a higher awareness of people, it still is in most foods we buy. If sugar were used in cosmetics with the same negative impact as in food, the FDA would not allow any cosmetic product made with sugar. So, my question is, what gives?
    I want to point out that I have been a retired director of R@D for over 35 years for leading cosmetics companies in the US, Argentia and Brazil.

  14. Humorous comments, The people running the country and making the laws that govern were raised in an age when we had Prayer in schools, discipline at home, graduated when two maybe three people had to work to afford a two bedroom apt, respected the police, remember when your parents made the rules. We didn’t have people living on the street but when they did we did not provide them with a monthly check, makes you think about moving out there. What HAPPENED ???

  15. I was born in the late 60’s and there is a very weird belief in my baby book that my mother did not prescribe to, thankfully:

    – At two weeks old your baby is now old enough to drink orange juice.

    That is a terrible belief!!!

  16. I’m in my 80’s now and remember these times very well, and I think this article is really a stretch. I never heard these theories or beliefs, except maybe believing that lasers the latest, greatest thing. But that happens all the time anyway. Would be interesting to know where this author got this info – out of their imagination maybe?

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