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Gangster History: 6 Female Mafia Heads You Should Know About

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Have you ever wondered if there were any women gangsters that are as feared as their male counterparts?

There is a certain morbid curiosity that we all have when it comes to talking about gangsters that have been immortalized over the years both by Hollywood and also by the public’s fascination with true crime documentaries. There is something very human about the fascination with the morbid that we all possess inside us, no matter how much we try to deny it. That is why there are so many true crime series, documentaries, and movies made, most of them being met with a lot of enthusiasm.

What’s actually very interesting is that while we all know the deed of the most feared male gangsters that the United States has seen, a lot of the public knows very little of their female counterparts. How many documentaries and movies have you seen dedicated to the likes of Al Capone and Pablo Escobar and their criminal empires, yet almost none for the female gangsters?

While they generally fall in the background, there have been numerous female mafia heads that have been running successful crime empires over the years, most of them rivaling the ones that men had. And because we need to remember all the parts of our history and not just the ones that seem more easily monetized, we have gathered some of the ones that were both feared and revealed in their communities to present them to you!

Let us know if you knew about these women before or if you’ve only heard about their brutal acts!

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  1. Thank you for this fascinating article about female mafia heads from gangster history. I found it interesting when you mentioned that there are numerous female mafia heads who ran successful crime empires. This read compels me to learn more, so I’ll definitely find a mafia historical site in my area to satisfy my curiosity.

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