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The 6 Most Brutal Rulers in World History

Brutal Ruler
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Who would YOU consider to be the most brutal ruler in history?

We’ve all heard the saying: “History is written by the victors.” Well, it’s a timeless truth if there ever was one. With so much conflict and war throughout mankind, it’s not surprising that many historical figures have been both demonized and worshiped throughout the centuries.

But let’s be honest, a villain, for one, can be a hero for many, and vice versa. And there have been many examples of pure brutality in history, no matter which side you’re on. Many of the stories we have for you could have been exaggerated by political enemies.

The fact remains though that humans can be unimaginably cruel at times. It might be a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless. And then there are brutal rulers like Hitler or Stalin, whose wickedness is universally acknowledged regardless of your political preference.

So on that note, let’s look into the lives of the 6 most brutal rulers in our history!

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  1. Attila is revered in Hungarian history books. I even have a biography of him buried somewhere on my bookshelves, though I can’t find it not. Title: Attila, King of the Huns, by Patrick Howarth. Terrifying conqueror: Yes, and I would have hated to be in his path. But the true Hungarians are the descendants of the Huns who settled in that region.

    How is Nebuchadnezzar seen by his conquered states? The Jews revile his memory. Same for Vepasian and his general, Titus, who destroyed the second temple of the Jews. But in general, the history books don’t seem to see them as anything worse that conquerors consolidating their rule.

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