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The Great Depression: 8 Interesting Things About Life During This Time

the great depression
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How many things do we really know about the Great Depression?

In 1929, a massive stock market crash brought in a nearly decade-long worldwide economic depression that would end up being the longest period of time in history. It changed the lives of so many people worldwide, but mostly in our beloved country. It influenced a generation that had fewer worldly belongings as well as one that understood what it meant to struggle and live in poverty.

For a variety of reasons, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is regarded as one of the greatest US presidents of all time. While others failed to save the economy, he promised that people would receive a “New Deal” as the federal government reshuffled the deck.

After the elections, where he defeated Herbert Hoover, he worked to establish what historians refer to as the “New Deal Order,” a 40-year period from the early 1930s to the early 1970s when labor, business, and the government held the belief that the federal government should use monetary policies and the promotion of “consumer citizenship” to stimulate economic growth.

Historical books created a lot of weird myths regarding this era, and a lot of them were not true. But we’ve done a lot of research on this particular topic, and we’re about to reveal to you truths that are jaw-dropping. How many things do you know about the Great Depression?

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  1. I remember my Grandmother saying that at times all they had was cornbread and syrup to eat. My Mother inlaw told about the kids going to neighbors to see if they had any leftovers to spare. I’m afraid with the cost of food going up this might happen again. Shame on the states who refuse to end food taxes.

  2. Very interested article and facts.

    Will be interested if possible in the future to be included in all your articles.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. I enjoyed reading about what time were like in 30’s I remember my grandparents telling what it was like during those times Thanks

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