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9 American First Ladies Who Weren’t Married to the President

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Photo by Keith J Finks from Shutterstock

Do you know that First Ladies don’t actually have to be married to the President?

The first lady’s job is almost as essential as her presidential husband’s. Sure, she doesn’t have the exact same level of decision-making power, but her influence on the chief executive is undeniable.

Furthermore, as we’ve especially seen nowadays with first ladies getting involved, they have their own work to do for American citizens. Ages ago, these women were traditionally given the role of hostess for social events. Today, though, the president’s wife can be seen traveling across the country — and the world — to inspire good deeds.

More than 50 women have held this important role as of today. However, not all first ladies were married to the president.

That’s exactly what happened with the examples listed below. Take a look to see which US presidents relied on someone other than their wives to serve as the first lady!

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