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8 Outlandish and Wild Demands of History’s English Royals

What do you think are the royals’ demands?

Even though we don’t have any royal figures in the United States, we can take a look at the royal family in the United Kingdom and discover a bit about their lives. It’s interesting to know more about people who are different than us and understand the rules they live by, the way they communicate with one another, the things they should never say out loud, and the list can go on.

Of course, along with their special lives, they need help and assistance to manage all the things in their day-to-day existence. If you’ve watched any historical movies or documentaries, you already know that some of the demands royal figures have can be quite ridiculous and outlandish. And they are not the only ones.

To expect a request or demand from a celebrity is something a lot of people are used to. Stars are typically known for being hard to work with. But what about the British royal family? We were curious to know, so we did a bit of research and discovered more about their secrets.

If you want to take a peek at the royal family’s life, this article is for you! Let’s take a look at some of their most outlandish and sometimes weird demands.

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1. Monopoly is forbidden

Every family is different, and each one of them has their own likes, which is understandable. Many siblings want to have fun and spend some quality time together, so they play a board game to pass the time.

A little competition in the family never hurt anybody, right? Well, the British royal family will tell you otherwise. One of their demands is that no one is allowed to play Monopoly.

Yes, you’ve read that right. They like board games, but they prefer to stay away from those that bring up the competition. They once said that it was not okay for royal figures to fight and get upset with one another because of a silly game. So no Monopoly at Buckingham Palace!

2. King Charles loves his towels

When attending public events, Prince Charles must have his own towels; otherwise, he can’t properly dry his hands. People bringing their own pillows when they travel is not uncommon, but towels? We’ve never heard of that. Have you?

But everything is possible in the world. You would expect only the best towels to be offered at the hotels that host the royal family. However, King Charles wants to be sure that he is bacteria-free, as he is said to be a bit of a germaphobe who hates using hand dryers because of the spread of bacteria they create.

So, in his ambition to become the cleanest king in all the realm, he always has his own towels on hand. Maybe we should take his advice and do that too. What do you think?

3. No garlic

When Queen Elizabeth II was alive, she had several dietary demands and preferences. One of the royal family’s official chefs said that Her Majesty didn’t like starchy items like spaghetti and potatoes on her table.

Garlic was also off-limits while preparing meals for the monarch. We don’t know whether she just didn’t like the flavor of garlic or if she used to avoid it so that no one in her royal entourage ever had to deal with bad breath. Whatever the case might’ve been, garlic lovers (including us) would’ve been sorely disappointed at the royal feasts.

4. Corgis and their chefs

If you know anything about Queen Elizabeth II, you know that she used to love animals, and she owned plenty of horses and dogs. Her favorite pup breed was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and she was so attached to them that she had over 30 royal pooches.

Her Majesty wanted to be sure that her dogs were taken care of, so he had a few strict demands about them. The Sovereign treated the pups as part of the royal family, so she made sure the pooches were able to travel with her whenever possible, and they even had their own quarters within Buckingham Palace.

And if you thought that these were her only demands, wait until you read this one: those cute dogs had their own personal chef who cooked them delicious canine meals.

That’s right. Their nutrition was really important for the monarch, so she worked with a royal dog trainer to recommend the best food for her furry friends.

5. Devoted to the Church of England

Here in the United States, many of us have grown up with the understanding that our religious preferences are completely up to us, and we have the ability and the freedom to choose to worship whatever or whoever we so desire.

But there’s just one religion to choose from if you’re a member of the royal family. Even though there might be fewer religious rules than there used to be, many of the old rules are still followed.

Marriage to a Catholic is allowed, but no individual member of the family might voluntarily change their religious connection. When the Queen was alive, she wanted all the members of the family to be faithful to the Church of England.

6. Wedding demands

Everyone who gets married has their own requests and wishes, from the place where the event will take place to the clothes they’ll wear, the music they’ll listen to, and the list can go on.

As you can imagine, there’s also a long list of requirements and demands for a wedding in the royal family. There are multiple aspects of the wedding that must be meticulously planned, from the guest list to the color of the bride’s nails and the length of her sleeves.

There is an expectation that even the floral arrangements need to be perfect for a king and queen. Every royal bride must have a bouquet with myrtle in it. Regardless of the bride’s statute and her different wishes, this is a norm that has stood the test of time. Since Queen Victoria’s wedding, every royal bride has carried at least one myrtle twig in her bouquet.

The unique bloom originates from Victoria’s own gardens, which are more than 160 years old. Myrtle is a wonderful wedding flower because of the message behind it: love and importance. Well, we genuinely like this lovely demand.

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7. British flags and Queen Consort Camilla

Prince Charles of England certainly adores his second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Many British citizens disapprove of Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship because of rumors that he was still married to Princess Diana when he fell in love with his second spouse.

But despite what the public thinks of him, Kind Charles loves his wife and has even ordered that all British flags be flown at half-staff on her birthday. Not everyone was pleased with his demand, but they did what the former Prince of Walles told them to.

8. King Charles’ clothing

The royal family is the most important family in the United Kingdom, so they draw the attention of everyone, from ordinary people to the press and even film directors who decided to document their lives.

Speaking of that, a short documentary called “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm” was released in 2015, and more than 1,000 workers at Buckingham Palace shared their experiences with the royals.

One of the King’s butlers said that the monarch starts off his day with the help of his servants. They squeeze his toothpaste for him, they press his pajamas each morning, and they even press his shoelaces with an iron.

Everyone knows that the King has different demands and sometimes he needs extra help from the employees, which is exactly why his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, nicknamed him the “pampered prince.”

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