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Who Was the Father of the Atomic Bomb (and Why Did He Do It)?

father of the atomic bomb
Photo by Prachaya Roekdeethaweesab from Shutterstock

Why is the father of the atomic bomb seen by many as a bad person? Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer, and why did he do this? To these questions and a few more others, we will answer them in this article.

Julius Robert Oppenheimer was definitely a wonder for humanity, a person who changed the world as we know it, and even though he is also blamed for bringing the weapon of mass destruction to the table, it’s time to acknowledge the fact that he was a genius for his time.

Oppenheimer stands as an emblem of scientific genius, making an extraordinary footprint in our history. He had a great appetite for knowledge and had a particular interest in quantum physics and astronomy. He dared to go for his goals, and he was driven by curiosity to do so. In this post, we’ll tell the only trustworthy story of a man who has been both a hero and a villain, as well as provide some amazing details about his life.

Let’s start with the number one fact about the father of the atomic bomb right on the next page!

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  1. I was under the understanding that Robert Oppenheimer regretted his involvement in making the bomb after it’s use against Japan.

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