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Was OJ Simpson Guilty or Not? Here’s The Truth!

OJ Simpson
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What do you think about the popular case of OJ Simpson?

OJ Simpson was once known for being a fast and elusive American football player. He was born on July 9th, 1947, and is a former NFL player, running back for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. He also played in 2 Rose Bowls and earned the Heisman Trophy during his undergraduate career (1968).

He used to be popular in the U.S. because of how well he did in sports, but now he might be best known for being on trial for killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Even though the sportsman was found not guilty of the crimes at trial, he was held accountable for both deaths in a civil trial.

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12 Responses

  1. I think he was guilty, but not beyond any doubt. Maybe not even beyond a reasonable doubt. Explanations for the blood evidence are dubious. Esp. that police planted evidence, of which there’s no direct evidence.

  2. It was obvious that He was Guilty, but They didn’t want to convict him because of the Rodney King Riots the year before. They were afraid they would have them again if they convicted O. J.

  3. OJ actually admitted he did both murderers once to his lawyer in earshot of a C.O. & upon the not guilty finding, knowing he couldn’t be tried twice criminally, he admitted it at a party he threw for the jurors. Bragging about it.

    You would think these jurors with little to nothing in common with OJ would have acted astonished, however, OJ showered all of them with money and expensive gifts and friendship with a once famous athlete/actor.

    It’s a form of The Stockholm Syndrome that kicked in and the jurors kept siding with OJ despite knowing first hand he was guilty. OJ painted a picture of his needing to kill them lest he be killed which was untrue.

    OJ’s guilt manifested in his PTSD/Anxiety of a guilty conscious. He started committing all manners of crimes OUI, B&E night-time to steal his trophies back, drunk & disorderly behavior and more.

    OJ was in & out of lockups and prisons ever since, looking disheveled.

    This is common behavior for a guilty man freed on a technicality.

    As a member of the law enforcement community I could go on about evidence proving his guilt but one thing stands out.

    Police Detective Mark Furhman is a terrible, Potential Neo-Nazi bigot. He is on record stating that he believes men of color to be inferior, animals as he put it.

    For the system to work OJ had to go free criminally because of the prejudices of the LAPD which were disgraceful.

    But Karma is real and O.J has already been becoming mentally unstable, unhappy, fearful and maladjusted.

    No one here gets out alive, and what comes around, goes around.

  4. I do not know if he was guilty or not but bad things happen when people get involved in mixed races. That is what happened at University of Utah. Then they sue the police and schools for their own dumbness.

  5. I have a theory about the glove, You put blood on a leather glove and it will shrink the leather. I was a meat cutter for 40 years, if I cut my finger and had it wrapped to try and play golf the bandage would come loose and get blood on the glove, I could not get the glove on again as the fingers would shrink and I would have to throw the glove away. Yes I finally learned not to play golf if I had cut a finger. I have said this since O J got off with murder. Pays to have a smart lawyer!!

  6. He was guilty no matter what some people think. The state made too many mistakes at this trial. Two murders 1 trial for each. He gets off the first time you still have another person to try him on. Mark Ferman do your homework before you put somebody on the witness stand. Marcia Clark thought she had this case won before the trail. Not so not when you are dealing with a celebrity and a former NFL player. She made to dang many mistakes and he walked he will answer for his crimes someday and this judge may have another ruling. The family of these two people who were taken to soon are whom we should be thinking of. Not OJ Simpson we all reap what we sow in the end so will he.

  7. Guilty!! A lot of evidence that was overlooked. Crime of the century! There was no justice for Nicole and her friend. Shocking that OJ got away with these two horrific murders

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