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John F. Kennedy’s Assassination: 5 Things Nobody Can Explain to This Day

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How Much Do You REALLY Know About JFK’s Assassination?

It has been many decades since November 22nd, 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK as the President was riding in an open-topped car, with the first lady at his side, during a presidential motorcade in Dallas.

Since that day, many details have come to light, including that JFK would likely have survived the assassination if it wasn’t for his back brace.

He wore this back brace throughout his presidency due to his bad back, and it kept him in place after being shot the first time, allowing the shooter to get that second fatal shot to his head.

But besides this, our research has led us to believe that we might have missed out on some key factors about the former President’s assassination. In fact, the rock-solid JFK assassination facts we found are more bizarre than any conspiracy theory ever could be.

Let’s look at 5 things that don’t add up about JFK’s assassination.

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    1. Robert was coming down on organized crime in DC, after the missile crisis JFK was wanting to end the Cold War, after the Bay of Pigs was wanting to do away with the CIA, was ready to get out of Vietnam while the CIA and the MIC was ready to get things hotter, started replacing Federal Reserve Notes with US notes without borrowing from the Federal Reserve banksters ,and also told Israel the only way they would get a nuke was over his dead body . JFK made a few enemies in DC and else where while trying to look out for his country.

  1. It is hard to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald could have fired the shots that killed President Kennedy. However, keep in mind that Oswald was a Marine who fired expert on the rifle range as all Marines are riflemen first unlike soldiers in the Army don’t have to meet that standard. The investigation conducted by the Warren Commision was essentially a cover-up conducted by the Administration of Lyndon Johnson who hated President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy who served as the Attorney General under his brother. The bullet that was found was a solid projectile & called the magic bullet. Fragments of a bullet found in President Kennedy’s brain could not have come from such a bullet which had remained virtually intact but would have had to come from a soft lead projectile which says that there had to be a second shooter. Supposedly, there was a federal agent in the 3rd car behind the Presidental car holding an AR-15 rifle which fired the fatal bullet either by accident or on purpose.

    1. I hear you Mr. Morris, however Oswald was not an expert, he was a sharpshooter. I was a sharpshooter in the Marines and an expert in the Army (I served in both. I was in the Army first and then became a Marine). I still think it would be difficult for an expert, sharpshooter or marksmen to shoot three shots with a bolt action rifle.

      1. Seems like he would of fired when they made the turn and were closer not going away from him makes the shot a lot harder

      2. I AGREE WITH YOU. By the way, I do NOT believe Oswald did this all alone. It seems too suspicious that his alleged three rounds only his his target, which was moving, and never hit Jackie or other people. As for Oswald being alone…. sorry, I am not buying it.

      3. TWO shots
        Oswald had control of the “clock” I.e., has trigger squeeze determined whether the clock started now. . .or now. . . . . . or now

      4. As a former Marine Expert shooter, I agree with you, not it wasn’t possible, come on the moving target and from out a window, no rifle support, a near impossible shot, like you say with not a great rifle, I’ve
        always felt it all a mafia hit, Jack Ruby etc. A great man eliminated, and we have a rich dirtbag buffoon trying to be reelected…

    2. He did not qualify expert. He shot marksman- the lowest qualification score. Look it up. Yes, I am a Marine who qualified Expert M-14 and Colt 911 .45 and M-16

    3. I have always thought LBJ and the FBI were behind the whole thing. LBJ hated the Kennedys as well as Hoover. There was no way LBJ would have gotten elected and Hoover lost his control with both Kennedys in office. They proved Oswalt could not take those shots in that amount of time. And the guys in the in the other area. The bouncing bullet seriously. People are not that stupid.

    4. I read your responce to Oswald being a Marine.He did not shoot and qualify as an Expert.He barely Qualidied by Shooting and earning a Rifle Marksman Badge.Lowest of the Rankings.

    5. He didn’t. While he fired some shots, the one that hit the president was of the exploding type modern round. not the ones that Oswald had with him.. his round hit the president in the neck driving him forward. a round that came from a different direction hit Kennedy in the head killing him. it came from the front and right side of the car and propelled part of the skull out the rear. physically impossible for a round fired by Oswald’s gun. What I saw only once was a film taken by a woman who was on the driver’s side of Kennedy’s car. it showed the puff of smoke that came from the grassy knoll that would have been the correct angle to propel the president’s skull out the back of his head. it aired only once and never again. I saw it the first time they showed it and then never saw the woman or the film again. someone had pictures or film. too many people were recording this for their own documents. The truth will come out. It was a bunch of people in gov that didn’t want him to return to the gold standard. A move that would have removed too much power that had been gathered too carefully for too many years. Motive I think!! —- I, Grampa

    6. I have followed this feuding since 63 no one has ever told me how a person could buy a rifle online with a cheap ass scope and took it out and shot the president I have never heard where he took that rifle inside it in not one cuz it ever been said where he went

    7. Sorry Mr Morris. You first have to understand what an Expert marksman is, in any military service.
      It’s a completely different category than that of a trained sniper. Soldiers with the classification of Expert when qualifying cannot normally do a shot like this at a moving vehicle. A shot like this at a moving vehicle would have had to come from a Trained Sniper. I do have some level of understanding of what it takes to make an accurate shot like this. This shot required a little more than that required of someone who meets Expert qualification in any branch of the military.

  2. President Kennedy died nearly 60 years ago. It seems enough time has passed that ALL information
    pertaining to that day should be released so that the truth about his death can be known. American
    citizens as well as others deserve the truth.

    1. To expose the truth would require exposing the government we are still under today. They would rather keep the masses deaf, dumb and blind to what is going on both in the past and what’s going on now

        1. “there” plot? I should be “their” !!!! Get an education is correct grammar!! Check what you write before you post it.

    2. The head shot was from the front. They said the back which is incorrect. More than one shooter and it was a well planned government project. Truth will never come out. Just like we never landed on the moon.

        1. There were multiple moon landings and one, Apollo 13, that was a well publicized near disaster. That’s a lot of faking beyond Apollo 11.

      1. That is what I have heard. I would love to make it to the age of 89 to get answers, if I am aware enough to understand the information

    3. Chaney is still alive. He is one of the inside conspirators. Until his death they won’t provide much. If you are curious, read The Man Who Killed Kenndy by Roger J. Stone. Also read Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane.

    4. Jackie stopped that – the information can not be released until 50 years after her last child passes. Rediculous!

    1. A few more questions I have! (1.) A bulletproof dome was available to give pretty good protection for the President while riding in the convey why wasn’t it used? (2.) Why wasn’t the Book Building given
      a thorough search by the Secret Service before the president’s car passed by it? This seems like a stupid mistake. (3.) The police detail that took Oswald from the jail to a waiting Police vehicle looked to me to be a Keystone Kop operation instead of a huge Police Dept. If you look at notorious criminals being moved from point A to point B you will see that they normally are wearing bulletproof vests. As important as the assassination investigation of this man was you would think that the security of this prisoner would be of the utmost importance! I was involved in the high security of prisoners throughout my career and was shocked by the handling of Oswald. Also, the comment made by Mrs. Kennedy that “They Killed Him” is something that should have been followed up in the investigation perhaps it was!

  3. There are things still hidden and unexplained about Lincoln’s assassination. Did JW Booth survive and escape? Why was Edwin Stanton not investigated? What was in the papers that Robert Todd Lincoln reportedly burned in 1926?

  4. I’ve read every article I could find and also watched as many documentaries as possible. The forensic shows the bullet going thru his head and the back of his head blows out you see parts of his head land on the car trunk but it is in the opposite direction of the shot how can a behind the head shot blow matter to the left and behind. You even see his head jerk back and to the left, even if his head had been turned it would not go in that direction. It looks as though the shot came from somewhere in front of the President possibly to his right front.

    1. I totally agree Greg. I have been saying this for years. If he was shot from behind the energy from the bullet would have caused him to be slammed forwards and the scalp and brain matter be thrown forwards. There is just no other way if shot from the rear. It the shot had to come from somewhere in the front of the President’s car.

  5. This has been an ongoing disgraceful cover-up by our gov’t!! It’s amazing that when documents & such are ORDERED by higher branches of gov’t to turn over such documents, the orders are just ignored by those agencies & that’s it. Oh well. You try refusing an order from a judge or gov’t agency & see what happens. But, knowing doesn’t change a thing. He’s still dead. There are more important things to be concerned with when it comes to our gov’t, ESPECIALLY this administration. I’m 66 yrs old & I have NEVER been more frightened about what is being allowed or tolerated in this country!!

      1. Well, I sure don’t. The past administration was the worst and most hurtful to the American people than any other.

        1. June you don’t have an ounce of sense if you don’t realize that Biden is intentionally destroying this country. This administration has done more harm than any 5 combined.

    1. If the past administration didn’t frighten you, you should sleep well with the current. Remember that almost the entire administration are convicted of one or many crimes, including criminal-in-chief.

      1. You’re confusing the current administration with the previous (Trump) administration. If you have some special knowledge that the rest of us do not, provide your assertions with verifiable citations to nonpartisan, reliable sources.

      2. I also heard they wanted our generation or anyone who was alive at the time to be deceased before they let the American people know what happened. I think Johnson want us in the vietnam war and Kennedy didn’t. Sad day in our lives when the government would killed our elected President! RIP JFK

    2. George,
      It DOES matter even at this late date because for the govt. to continue to keep the facts from the public and create deception empowers them to do it again. Kennedy is resting in peace but the nation has never healed because the truth has been hidden, and until justice is rendered, the wicked that believe they know better are emboldened.

      1. I was a young teenage girl when this tragedy took place. With little to no knowledge about politics. I knew it was our government that did it and I donʻt know why. I just felt something was wrong from the beginning. All the changing of details in the early days convinced me I was right. RIP Mr. President. You were loved.

    3. The deep state was just as corrupt in 1963 as they are today, the alphabet soup agencies are criminal and unconstitutional! They care not what their oaths are nor anything for we the people!

    4. 50 yrs past tyme we took these commies in american skin out back and string em up then and only then we will get ameica back

    5. Our government is very corrupt … LBJ was very jealous of JFK and RFK charisma … We never walked on the moon … Elvis did not die as we were told … Oswald was a jerk … He was groomed to become the victim … Jack Ruby was also no good … The sad thing is that we all got stuck with LBJ, and Nixon, and Ford, and Carter, and all the others too !!!

  6. I never thought Oswald acted alone, there were to many people saying shots came from the grassy nole and behind the fence. I will always think our own government was involved, for what reason I don’t know, maybe the Kennedy brothers was stirring to many things about politicians and the mafia. It’s to bad because we never got to see what he could have done.

  7. Yes, in 1963 JFKennedy was assassisnated; in 1968 MLKing and RFKennedy were both murdered the same way. When RFK was killed and/or murdered, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda’s husband and political activist and California politician, said something like “We’re just like any other country” equating us w/authoritarian dictatorships and fascist totalitarian states.

  8. Yes, two books on JFKennedy’s assassination are “High Treason” and “Coup d’état in America.” It became somewhat more liberal w/FDRoosevelt; the “New Deal” and HSTruman and again more conservative w/DDEisenhower and RMNixon. JFK, who won by a very small margin “…put a ‘crimp’…” in the right-wing’s goal of having America be a permanent authoritarian state. It was very suspicious that a decades stipulation on when some records could be released was made. The Warren commission was discredited by some.

  9. Yes, whether Oswald “…was a patsy…” or not has been disputed just as James Earl Ray and Sirhan, Sirhan have been. MLKing’s children visited JERay in prison saying he didn’t believe he’d killed his father.

  10. Yes, it’s been said JFKennedy’s autopsy “…was so deficient it could have been given a bowery bum…” or something. Yes, it’s also said that GHWBush knew about the assassination because he received a phone call the night before it which means nothing because he came from a well-known political family who undoubtedly received/still does, calls as anyone can. There was no reason to wiretap his phone, which is hard to get a warrant w/which to do.

  11. Yes, it’s been said that Oswald “…was an excellent marksman…” but also “…no better than that required for U.S. Marines’ military service…” He alleged that photos w/him holding the Mannlicher Carcano, the rifle used to kill JFKennedy were forgeries. He was shot and killed by Jack Ruby before his trial.

    1. Oswald was meant to be assassinated also, part of the Master Plan. Directly under law enforcement’s care.
      One would imagine that the government would have been more protective of their Crown Jewel.

  12. Oswald was given a paraffin test to see if there was powder residue on him from firing a gun. That test was negative. Oswald was what he said he was….a patsy.

    1. Just my opinion, but I believe that nothing will be released for another 45 years. Just to make sure that anyone and everyone involved is dead and that way no one can be prosecuted or be able to reveal any type of information about what really happened and/or who all was involved.

  13. Because it was an inside job more or less.Cia,Mafia,and Cubans all had parts in it.More and more information coming out also has LBJ as a silent collaborator. Every single person I’ve mentioned had motive to do it. JFK was not going to send more troops into Vietnam and everyone knew that but that’s exactly what they all wanted.So Sad!!

  14. I think that our illustrious government is so deeply involved in this that it stinks to hi heaven! i would not put passed the CIA or even the Secret Service to be Havily involved into murdering Kennedy for money. Follow the money and you will find all the answers!
    What would happen if Judicial Watch filed for FOIM act against the CIA and the Secret Service? Just start shaking the tree and see what falls out of the tree.

  15. What about that his driver did. He was there you can see him with what looks like he turns and fires his pistol. I believe Johnson was involved in it bring done. I will never change my mind.

  16. I think it’s safe to say there are so many theories concerning the assination of JFK. In all liklihood the generation that witnessed that sinful event will die off before the truth will be revealed. No one really believes that Oswald acted on his own and there is strong proof that other shooters and conspiritors were involved. But of course our government as always in cases like this takes the lie and deny route.

  17. The truth of a coverup needs to be exposed. It’s time that the truth be revealed of the assassination of JFK.


    ………….GO FIGURE

  19. I believe Lyndon Baines Johnson was the instigator of the Kennedy assignation. Not only JFK but Robert Kennedy as well. It was well-known at the time that he despised the Kennedys for leaving him out of the political process. The Kennedy presidency was run by John and Bobby Kennedy. He had a lifelong dream of being President one day, having climbed the political ladder for years, only to be tossed aside by the Kennedys. He had given up his run for president to join forces with Kennedy as his VP running mate, and even with that they barely won the election. I think he felt that the only way he would ever achieve his political dreams was to eliminate the Kennedy brothers.

  20. I believe that the truth about that day, should be revealed to the public. Maybe Oswald was not the killer, and the killer may still be walking around free. If Oswald was not the shooter, he deserves to have his name cleared.

  21. The whole event was strange from the magic bullet to the arrest and murder of Oswald. American public will never know the truth as it was obviously a conspiracy involving political adversaries as well as military, secret service, CIA and FBI interests. Too many things went wrong or were ignored and it was just too well planned for it just to be carried out by one anarchist. That opinion is shared by many –Those in power think that all Americans are stupid and accept distortion of the truth.
    Too many secrets will never be shared as they implicate a plethora of supposedly respected individuals who were complicit with the details of the event.

  22. As an 11 year old I watched the Warren Commission report on Sunday night inNovember 1964, and said “no way.”

  23. Follow the money. Lady Birds, real name and family background. Owned all the media in Texas and helicopter manufacturer. The day after the assassination, Johnson escalated the Viet Nam War. The murder of Kennedy was done in Texas.

  24. And just like now the FBI and DOJ are CROOKED and in on that also just like the past electionThe money ppl wanted LBJ and got him The care was run by a crooked FBI and A MAFIA New Orleans run family . Plant evidence where it was needed to put the blame on the litle nut slave that follows them But LBJ did make them lots money and that what counts to dem leaders

  25. I am not a sharpshooter but I did stand in the window of the book depository where Oswald stood. I believe the angle of Oswald’s bullets and the roadway were parallel so as the car moved away the angle remained the same. Destiny was definitely in play. Just something to think about!!

  26. Ok, let’s just say that Oswald acted alone….missed General Walker a stationary target from 100 feet away ( bullet hit window frame ) then made the luckiest or greatest shots in history on a moving target, going away from him, at 260 feet, under duress, in 6.5 seconds, but what threw a curve ball into this mess is the James Tague injury….the missed shot that hit a curb, fragmented and a chip hit Tague on this cheek…..forcing the Warren Commission into a corner detailing the rediculous magic bullet… they say the first shot hit JFK in the back ( asking a lot from this bullet #399….went thru JFKs suit, backbrace, his neck exited to Connelly, thru his suit, chest, wrist and pieces wound up in his leg ) ok, all that aside agains let’s say this was all true…Why did they need to and insist to seal and suppress anything for 75 years ? Who or what were they trying to protect? If everything was cut and dried why the coverup ? There have been some very credible investigations that have been conducted to challenge the official story, but one thing is for sure, parts of the US government are complicit in some way. Many have been rewarded for their silence and participation.

  27. Brain missing because there was a second gun different bullet? The story written in regards to the second shot coming from the secret service is very compelling. As the author investigates the angle of both shots.

  28. I was in 6th grade when Kennedy was assassinated, and even I knew Oswald was not the killer. I think Lyndon Johnson was behind it, and obviously, I’m not the only one.

    This was handled by incompetent people, or someone who had something to hide. If someone was being protected by keeping the truth under wraps, they’ve all got to be dead by now. What’s the point?

  29. We, the people, have been witnesses to many ridiculous attempts by officials within our government to cover up facts relating to events which have been contrary to our fundamental beliefs. JFK wanted the CIA to be smashed into a million pieces, and promised he would do so. The CIA operates as a separate secret part of our government and answers to no one. Some of the attempts to cover up our mistakes have been ridiculous and sloppy. If we were a more perfect union, we would be transparent and honest, and there would be no conspiracies or suspicions hanging over our heads. It’s difficult to know what is real, and what isn’t.

  30. It’s always going to be a secret. Our government hid the truth and that’s it. They don’t want the real culprit caught. I think it was our own people who wanted JFK out of the way. Just my opinion.

  31. Even a skilled marksman like Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t make bullets from a gun in a window in a bookstore, come from opposite directions. Of course, if he was even the shooter, he certainly wasn’t the only one. And why was he shot and killed before our very eyes, as we watched the police lead him out through the tunnel – to shut him up, of course. That much was obvious. Read Mark Howell’s account of the paramilitary training on No Name Key in the Florida Keys before that fateful day in Texas on November 22, 1963. Mark is gone now but he wrote extensively on what was going on on No Name. Having known Mark personally and for many years as the great journalist he always was, I believe his account of the training going on to kill our beloved president.

  32. Team of assassins. JFK was obviously shot from the front. Entry in neck exit back of throat and entry at temple right, exit right post (back) area of head. JFK head thrust back and left. Shots came from front right of limo. Lee Oswald was a patsy. So many players involved and many players benefited from the death of JFK. JFK was to cut funding from CIA and other groups because of the embarrassing “Bay of Pigs” incident. Not to mention “civil rights” and Vietnam. Vietnam was avoided while JFK was in office. After his death, U.S thrust it’s self into Vietnam.

  33. In 1963 there was no reason to believe that a President of the United States could/would be assassinated. Why it was 1963 – things like that only happened WAY BACK in history. It was a known fact that J FK and Jackie LOVED to approach and interact with the crowds they drew at every public gathering.

    Lee Harbvey Oswald was for all intent and purpose, a ‘miscreant’. Granted he had renounced his U.,S. citizenship and fled to Russia, disillusioned with the “American Way of Life”. And he married a Russian citizen. Of course he also thought that he would be greeted with great aplomb and applause, a ‘hero’ for the Russians for his ‘knowledge and loyalty. That didn’t turn out to be the case, he was mildly intterogated, found that he had nothing that the Russian wanted and relegated to a ‘common workers’ life as it was in the ’60’s in Russia. Indeed, he grew even MORE disllusioned and the Russians allowed him to ‘leave the countr y’ and return to the U.S. WHERE he found that he was even more ‘invisible’.

    OR…was it some Cuban Plot as suggested in the article? OR a Russian subterfuge? OR the mafia in retaliation for Robert Kennedy’s quest to expose them and end them?

    OR what if it was just a case of JFK being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a vengeful Oswald finally figuring out a way to get himself in the history books and become “Somebody” after all?

    I was there in Dealey Plaza that day. We left to avoid the massive traffic jam just as the motorcade began that left turn in front of the School Book Depository. I turned for one last look as we rounded the corner and I thought “Damn! those motorcycles sure are backfiring!

    I don’t think we’ll EVER know the ‘truth…IF there really is a ‘truth!

  34. I was 11 years old when President Kennedy was killed, I was in elementary school when I heard it,we were all shocked. I watched Jack Ruby kill Oliver
    Hauswald coming out of the police station in Dallas, Texas. This was on live TV that how could someone do that. Every November we remember President Kennedy, I think it’s time for Him to Rest In Peace.

  35. As Oswald was a just taking the blame he was shjot and killed before Oswald say who really was involved. His assignation was planned probably a lot of people involved.

  36. President Kennedy was a decent not perfect human being! he actually cared for other humans. when you have those qualities you tend to lean towards what is right for a person place or thing. in doing so the powers to be have the final say. they were in total disagreement with our President so he was removed. sad but true,(man overall is wicked)

  37. I read your arguments but saw no actual evidence that an alternate explanation exist. Some of the reports I am sure contained classified data and data on agents inside the USSR. I also know the Kennedy family wanted their loved one to be laid to rest and did try to dispose of things totally unimportant but those seeking data on the killing would insist on seeing. How would you feel if your brother were murdered due to world politics, and everyone wants to run a theory by you. If you check the records people do request family members organs after autopsy rather than leave them for study. If a brother is the Attorney General, they might have access to areas organs were being kept by investigators and see no wrong in returning them to their loved one’s spirit. In the piece you point out the man who did the autopsy was sick of private investigations with no real purpose. I don’t blame him as you speak of how he did it wrong and how “you” would do it.

    The confession in Cuba even you admit is hearsay and in a country it would probably be a badge of honor. So like those claiming they know where Jimmy Haffa is, it might not be a reliable source. Cuba may have been working on training others and Oswald kind of made that a moot issue. I still find arguments of the flaws in Oswald’s firearm coming from the same group who claim it was a foreign plot. The use of the lowest price gun rather than most accurate makes it sound like a personal act.

    Given there was no trial or a hearing we will never know that much about it. Then we don’t need to know every detail of how a person died, and need to let them rest in peace. The Soviet Union did kill a few people and did it in a cleaner manor, but the USSR and Cuba are no longer an issue.

  38. My question is why the lawsuit filed by E Howard Hunt against the Liberty Lobby isn’t ever mentioned, the lawsuit he lost, and the deathbed confession made by E Howard Hunt?

  39. Kennedy was getting rid of the federal reserve blocking CIA movement he had printed US notes backed by silver Johnson took them out of circulation theory the big bankers and CIA killed him.

  40. Unfortunately, all information pertinent to an investigation; including, but not limited to medical records and evidentiary matter, and forensic materials, as well as audio and photographic evidence has been screened and collected, secured and/or destroyed, or eliminated many years ago, that would preclude any attempted investigation into this matter, or any of all such similar matters, from Roswell in 1947, to 9/11 in 2001. At least, that is how I see it.

  41. I think it’s just like everything else that goes on, the Government Lies to the American People and they cover it up with inconsistencies and corruption. They release only what they want the people to believe even though they know it’s all lies.

  42. This whole assassination story smells to high heaven. I don’t know who killed the president but police who are investigating a murder ask themselves, “Who had the most to gain?” Answer that question and you will know where the plot began.

  43. The head shot was from the front. They said the back which is incorrect. More than one shooter and it was a well planned government project. Truth will never come out. Just like we never landed on the moon.

  44. No way Oswald did it. He was seen nonchalantly drinking a Dr Pepper in a break room, several floors below the room “they say” the shots were fired from. He was killed by Ruby to cover it even more. Two reports about the head shot conflict. Witnesses at the hospital say the shot to the head was from the front. When the body arrived in DC, the opposite was found. The body was altered to show the wound was from the back. Hence the original autopsy was destroyed to cover it up.

  45. It is one of the greatest cover ups in history. too many inconsistencies regarding normal procedures from beginning to end

  46. The author of this article kept stating as fact that Oswald was the assassin. He was never arraigned or formally accused of that crime. The correct term is the accused assassin. The Dallas police were charging Oswald for the murder of the police officer Tippet. Since no charges were ever filed for the murder of the president; Oswald will be forever just be the accused assassin.

  47. I’ve read a couple book about Lyndon B. Johnson’s connection to the Kennedy murder. It seems to me that Johnson was up to his neck in the murder.

    1. This is to everyone who commented on this subject, it just shows the extent that our government will go to to keep its people in line and on their schedule. If they will kill our president in front of us and act they don’t know how, they really could care less what we think or even know we are so divided in this country and until we come together nothing will never change

  48. Kennedy was killed by the CIA plain and simple. The passenger in the front turned around and shot him in the head you see him re-coil straight backward. They killed him because he wanted an end to the Vietnam war.

  49. Watch on tv. ” The Smoking Gun”. Shows in detail the secret service agent hypothetically shoots JFK accidentally after Oswald’s first shot. The cars sped up to get away and agent lost his balance and fired the fatal round from the car behind JFK’s. I’m also a hunter and have shot animals that fell or jerked forward after the hit. My opinion is the secret service could not let this be known…. president’s own secret service accidentally kills him….imagine the news around the world. Laughing stock and shows America is weak, was not a good time in history for that.

  50. I was only 22 when JFK was assinated. That was 60 years ago. But I am very sure of what I remember of that awful day. I was returning to my job as a secretary to the Superindent of Schools in a small Southern town and heard it on the radio, just as I was parking. When I ran in, my boss was one the phone and his wife was telling him what had happened. Nothing else was accomplished that day or the next week. It seemed to me that almost everything shut down that afternoon, and until after his funeral. Then there was Thanksgiving. I watched everything I could find on TV.
    After what I saw then, and everything since, has always made me believe there It was was a conspiracy, not Oswalt alone. It was too pat, too easy that that conclusion was reached. There were too many holes and blanks in the story as it went on. I’ve read some of the books and articles that were written about it, not all, I know. But common sense didn’t entirely match with what we were shown and told, then, or later. The truth was hidden in so many ways, from the shots, to the autopsy, and the reports that later came to light.
    I don’t pretend to know what happened, but I do know all of what I was shown and told, didn’t match. I wouldn’t dare say or write what I think, because I don’t have all the facts. But too many things were not done according to protocol and others have conveniently been lost to history, through error, lies, and outright theft. I never believed that what the public was told was all the evidence that was actually there. I like, a lot of others, would have liked to see what kind of president JFK made. What direction would our country have gone will never be known. But I do think all the true facts have never been told. Why? Why can’t all the the facts of a botched investigation be shown to us now? Almost any one who would be hurt by the truth are dead by now. I, for one, would still like to know the truth before I die.

  51. At the time of the assassination, I read the president’s cabinet was out of the country. Is there any evidence implicating the International Military-Industrial complex. Their involvement has been speculated on Kennedy’s plans on withdrawing the troops from Vietnam!

  52. Little of this is actually “new”. I remember so well Nov. 22, 1963. I am the same age as LHO and at that time was recently separated from the U.S. Army. I was super impressed with LHO’s marksmanship to have 2 hits on a moving target in 3 shots in less than 7 seconds. I qualified as “Expert” rifleman on a “Trainfire” range. The qualification came in a wooded area where black silhouettes the size of a man would pop up randomly at different locations and distances. We had to locate them and fire. The closest silhouettes were simply head & shoulder shapes somewhat less than what LHO would have seen of JFK. It was a bit later that I learned that LHO used an antiquated BOLT-ACTION rifle and sighted thru a scope. In my experience, those 3 shots could have NOT been made under those circumstances. LHO was NOT an “expert” rifleman in the Marines – only later was his record changed when it did not fit the conclusion. His basic training buddies were concerned that he might “Bolo”. Numerous expert riflemen have attempted to duplicate that feat and were unable to for a long while.
    And then there was the MAGIC BULLET. The “magic” was not the path of the bullet thru two men, but the fact that it was found on a hospital gurney virtually in pristine condition. There were more metal fragments removed from Gov. Connelly that were missing from this “magic” bullet.
    The clincher here is the claim of a shooter behind the fence near the grassy knoll. The fatal headshot was a shot from the REAR. That hit was made from a hollow point bullet that explodes upon impact. The “full metal jacket” “magic bullet”, supposedly from LHO’s gun, normally penetrates straight through a target. The Zapruder film clearly shows the explosion of JFK’s head (from a hollow point) on the right temporal area with a portion of the blast shooting upward and over the front of the car. The exit explosion is what caused JFK to fall to the left rear. Bonar Menninger states in his book MORTAL ERROR that a Secret Service Agent in the following car reacted upon the first shot and picked up an automatic rifle from the floorboard. As he pulled the weapon up it “accidentally” fired and the bullet struck JFK squarely in the head. IMHO, that is about as hard to believe as the Magic Bullet Theory. Particularly when it seems that no one in the crowd witnessed this. However, the fatal shot very much appears to have come from that direction.

  53. I have read many articles and books on the assassination, even part of the Warren Report. I have never seen anything that I thought really stood up against what we already know. That is, a slimy little nobody killed the most beloved president of my lifetime. Nobody wants to believe that because of just that. He was a fricking loser that wanted to do something that he thought would make him a hero and an important person in history. Unfortunately, his target was an early miss blunder in history that could have been saved for a more deserving target that would have actually helped America.

    1. You read the wrong books. Read The Man Who Killed Kenndy by Roger Stone. Also read Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane.

  54. Here’s the thing – This is one of those cases that can never be solved, there has been too many investigations and far too much obfuscation. Basically, the truth can simply NEVER BE KNOWN. Even if ironclad documents were handed down by a person who was there and saw and knew all the facts – unbelievers will always question everything. This chunk of US history will forever be a mystery.

  55. I was watching it on TV that morning. I saw someone run back through the trees on the right-hand side of the car. I saw that someone was up in a window with a rifle on the left and he was the one they accused of doing it, but he was just a fall guy. I saw when they were taking him out of the place where the CIA or someone, that big guy went up and shot him. Then there was the driver of the car he was riding in, who supposedly had a gun and shot him taking the gun under his arm and shooting him from the front seat. All and all listening to all that was said regarding all of this, I believe that Lyndon B. Johnson ordered it to be done. He would never have been President at all if not for this. He was the last good Democrat that was President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I also know when they showed Robert F. Kennedy, knowing both brothers were seeing Marilyn, that Robert was the last to see her before she died. She never did drugs but died from a drug overdose. The maid when she went in to see how she was found her dead.

  56. Have yo ever read the book Me and Lee? According to the author Oswald is the one who tipped off the FBI in Chicago. Also he was said to be a big fan of JFK

  57. The Mafia and FBI was tired in on that Back then the New Orleans was more powerful than now i think But both together the truth may never be known like where is Jimmy Hoffa buried.

  58. Read the new books published from information dumped by the government though much is still redacted, it clearly proves that: 1. Warren commission lied. 2. Lee Harvy did shoot but was designed to be the Patsy, 3. The shot that blew off the back of the head came from the front, proof is in the windshield and the doctors called it an exit wound and were told NOT to say that ever again. 4. The CIA, Lyndon B Johston, and the mafia all played parts in the assassination. 5. Kennedy could not fall forward after being shot because of the brace. He may have lived if he fell from the lines of triangulation.

  59. I think everything with the assassination of JFK is just a cover-up and I feel we will never ever know the truth. If they release the remaining documents, I’m sure most of them have been redacted and were designed to paint a specific picture not the truth. Sad for Kennedy’s, sad for us, sad for America.

  60. I agree with Gregg and Meadow about the way JFK’s head reacted when he was hit. I have hunted animals and the momentum of the impact of the bullet drives them backwards not forward.
    The other reason that I believe that Oswald did not act alone (if he was involved) is that the pictures I have seen of Oswald shows his wristwatch on his right wrist. Most people wear their wristwatch on the opposite wrist. Right handed people wear their wristwatch on their left wrist, and left handed people wear their wristwatch on their right wrist. In another picture he is holding a rifle with his right hand on the stock, indicating that he was left handed. That would allow him to bring the rifle up so his left hand could go to the trigger. If he was left handed, how could he operate a right handed bolt action rifle to get three shots off in a few seconds. If he was left handed he would have to reach over the top of the rifle to operate a right handed bolt action rifle. That would disrupt his line of fire

  61. Follow the money.
    Linden B Johnson owned construction company that went to Vietnam. Lady B Johnson owned the uniform company.
    War makes people rich.
    It is known that John and Robert Kennedy did not want war. Both were assassinated. No such thing as coincidences. Who made money from both deaths. Where was Johnson born.
    Answer: Dallas Texas. Democrats killing Democrats, for money.

  62. i believe Oswald when he said he was a patsy.A deputy sheriff said on a tv doc that there were 3 shots,but pop,pause then pop pop.Oswald’s rifle couldn’t do that.Burt Lancaster starred in a movie called Exceptaive Action about how they practced doing it.Made you stop and think.

  63. I still believe that the Uniter States Government Prestdential Security Services were involved in the Assination act . Until this is definitely proven wrong I think that they were all responsible in some way for KILLING JFK IN 1963 .

  64. I dreamt about the assassination the night before. I was in a library and a priest told me I needed to take care of president children because they were going to kill him. Jackie and John came In and as they were leaving about 5 men dressed in gray suits white cowboy hat and gun holsters shot him. They were standing on grsvel.the. I was driving his kids down a steep hill in a red truck
    Told few people that morning before it happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday

  65. When a shot hits the skull from the front brain matter sprays to the back like it did. Thus, if Oswald shot the president from the rear how did the brain matter and skull still go backwards? Shouldn’t have gone forward. Also, the way the head recoiled it is not consistent with a rear head shot

    1. Exactly! A bullet does not make a massive wound going in but does coming out. The bullet that killed Kennedy entered the front and exited the back of his head. To believe Gerald Ford and the Warren report, one must believe a bullet can make a U-turn in thin air.

  66. There was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Who were all of the conspirators? We may never know. Not only was there a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, but a conspiracy to cover up the facts and the Warren Committee surely was one of them.
    Gerald Ford’s “lone nut” theory made no sense whatsoever; however, he was willing to make himself look foolish to promote it.

  67. I was 12 when it happened and I always thought Oswald must have been an amazing gun shooter. Then a few years ago I stood in the window he fired from. It was not nearly as far as I had imagined and not a super difficult shot.

  68. I believe you should be asking G. H. Bush who had Kennedy killed….. he and 9 other organizers to make sure this would work. If you look at Johnson’s face when next to Jackie taking the oath for office. He was definitely in on it.
    This is only my opinion

  69. I have read maybe 20 books about the assassination. Some are ridiculous and some are thought provoking. Too many government people are involved making it impossible to ever get the truth. the best book I read was: A Cruel and Shocking Act-The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination by Philip Shenon. He throws out a great deal of information about how some witnesses were blown off as nut jobs, so they did not follow up. Unfortunately, we will never know for sure what happened that day.

  70. Interesting to think about these possibilities. Hopefully when this clown biden is finished, we will finally get the answers.

  71. Why does Joe Biden and the Democratic Party not want to open the files to the public? Why didn’t Trump open them while he was President?

  72. It is just human nature to form conspiracies when the president was such a loved president and Oswald was such a slime. Of course people do not want to believe that a weasil like that could kill someone so admired.

  73. I know this is outlandish but what if. JFK did not die but rather ended up a vegetable somewhere and hidden away and that’s why they can’t find the brain. Too many unanswered questions.

  74. Having seen and considered the distance, elevation, and the movement of the vehicle, it is extremely difficult to believe that other than a highly trained expert with a professional quality scope on the rifle could have made those shots.

  75. Oswald was a patsy of the Mafia and not of the US Gov, The mafia did a lot of whispiring in his ears until he believed he could do it and be a world hero. His ego and that of his killer were pumped up as needed, The mafia of course had to have their own shooters in the background as safety backups.
    The big difference in the direction of the projectiles was to go unnoticed because of the damaged
    that was expected. The US Government conspiracy theory is foolish, no big conspiacy has ever gone
    uncovered simply because if you involve more than one person, its doomed, someone will always
    crack. The Warren report could have been that simple but then who would believe it???

  76. That’s an easy shot from that vantage point with that rifle and scope. LHO was certainly capable of the shot with his training. He qualified as both a sharpshooter and then marksman meaning he was deadly with an M1 with regular sights at 200 yards. And that gun is simple to reload in the time allotted. Remember the first shot was already loaded. Only reloaded twice. Easy in 7.9 seconds.

    Read Posner’s Case Closed. Really debunks much of the conspiracy misinformation. LHO did it.

  77. In my prior coment I placed it all on the Mafia without explanation and I dont want the whole coment written off as some crank who hates the Mafia blaiming them without reason. During the Kennedy presidential campaign the Senior Kennedy, still very popular with a lot of connections had gone to the Mafia and got some big promises from them in exchange for a promise that the new administration under the new president and his brother would arange for the Mafia to get all the Gambling concessions in Cuba just as soon as the US got Cuba back under our control . The mafia felt like the Kennedys had reniged on the agreement and thus the following took place.

  78. My assecessment for all of these years since JFK was gunned down, is that the vice president, in the moves he made, gave me reason to feel he had a part in the killing. There were several details that to me remain. Also it seems the second location, from the grassy knoll was glossed over. For a presidential death, it should have had been investigated and detailed more thoroughly. I was in law
    enforcement at the time, and felt incompetence.

  79. It is incredible to me that after 60 years people are still postulating these reckless and irresponsible conspiracy theories.

  80. Based on these facts and those that I have read before there are way too many holes in what really happened. The capture of Oswald, the interrogation and later assignation create more questions.
    The missing brain and missing original forensic report all point to a cover up. Why hold back records if indeed this is an open and close case. I suspect the records will be release when all witness and their relatives, agents etc. have all passed away. My personnel opinion is that this was an inside job and Oswald was just a patsy not capable of the tree shots with a bolt action rifle. The truth will never come at least not in my lifetime. What a mess if the truth did ever come to light; the government of the USA taking out its own president.

  81. Had a documentary on NEWSMAX, “The Men That Killed Kennedy.” Goes into detail from the mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald. Believe she was a chemist and worked with Oswald somewhere. Forgive me, I have forgotten some of the story. The wind shield was replaced. A worker that saw the windshield was at the place where that windshield was taken. His boss came in early morning and asked his worker what he was doing there that early. The windshield from the Kennedy Assassination was there. Hole in it. The magic bullet came out of Kennedy. Was put on the seat by Secret Service Agent. Was not taken out of Connolly. Kennedy’s autopsy was supposed to be performed in Dallas. Bobby Kennedy came into hospital and with some of his people took his brother’s body. Confronted by Dallas Police in the building not to take it. They argued and it was taken. Kennedy’s head wound was covered up intentionally by material. His brain disappeared. As in taken by someone. James Files comes to mind as being a second shooter of a Fireball. That is what caused Kennedy’s head to explode. You can disagree with this. Watch the full documentary and make your own decision. The one question that is confusing is why Oswald shot J.D.Tippet if he wasn’t guilty? Oswalds mistress did not know how he actually was. Or what his possible plan or involvement would be. Think she is still alive. Anyway, good story.

  82. Let me add something else. The January 6, 2020 non insurrection. If you watch Mainstream Media you will not get the facts. That is sad. The First News and NEWSMAX. Ashley Babbitt was killed by a black Capitol Police Officer. She was unarmed. The officer he did not know who he shot. Nothing was said before he pulled the trigger. He said that. Wouldn’t you say, “If you do not move back, I may have to shoot.” The supposed people are in horrible conditions in jail. Not been seen by a judge. Why? Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the Capitol. The resigned Capitol Police Chief says she ignored a National Guard request. Why? Trump has been attacked before he became President, during, and after. Sad. Biden, in my, and others opinion, the worst and most corrupt President of all time. I will also say, the least competent. He lies. Go back. Do your research. He lied before he became Vice-President. He and the others under him are corrupt. Research that. I did. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, NPR, Washington Post, N.Y. Times all cover for Democrats. Trump was a businessman. He has donated billions. He did not become President for the money. He actually took a pay cut. Hillary hired people to push the Russia crap. George Soros, a Nazi, pays billions into elections for Biden to win. He pays into crooked prosecutors. BLM, Antifa, and our own government are trying to turn this country into a Socialist, Marxist, Communist country. All of Biden’s policies reflect that. Getting bribed by China and Ukraine. Shows checks and thousands of phone calls. Paid by Big Business and others. He did and still is involved in his sons business dealings. Took flights together to other countries. CRT, White Supremacy, Woke, are nothing new. They have and still destroy societies. School Boards, Teachers Unions, Colleges and Universities are indoctrinating children and young adults. Chinese Police Station found in New York. Spy Balloons. Trump did do business with other countries. He has hotels that people stay in. Golf Courses. Not illegal. MAKE America Great Again or Biden, Put America Last. Not to hard to figure this out. Add in the WEF, WHO, CDC(Dr.Fauci), the Climate People. I recommend everyone to at watch Jesse Kelly and Bill O’Reilly on The First News. Greg Kelly on NEWSMAX. IMPRIMIS and The Verdict Newsletters. The Book-The Radical Mind. Border disaster, inflation, increased crime, schools targeting parents for standing up for their kids. This is the threat to Democracy. Besides, We are a Republic. Right now, no. Freedom of speech, take guns from citizens, forced vaccines, people’s houses and businesses raided by FBI or DOJ. That sounds like Authoritarianism or Communism. That is the Biden goal. Not Trump. God first. Pray in Jesus Name. Then God gives you understanding through the Holy Spirit. Body will die. Soul going to Heaven or Hell. If you do not seek God. Why would he reveal himself to you.

  83. Who and why was the Route change at the last moment from MAIN ST. through N. HOUSTON ST. to ELM ST. and back to MAIN ST.

  84. Aren’t there a lot of easier ways to kill someone? Why would the government go to such an extreme measure to assonate jfk

  85. I lived through the assassination.JFK was a popular President.I believe it was a mob hit.Carlos Marcello bragged about the hit when he was in prison.Marcello soon met his own demise.The nation mourned along with the Kennedy family.JFKs approval was at 65%.Someone sitting in a sewer fired the fatal bullet because the back of his head blew out.Mrs Kennedy was scene climbing on the back of the car trying to retrieve her husbands skull fragments.Our country stopped for 4 days.

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