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9 Interesting Facts About Native American Tribes

Photo by Everett Collection from Shutterstock

Since ancient times, Native Americans have populated this continent, from the northern reaches of Alaska to the Gulf Coast of Florida. There are over nine million Native Americans that live in what we know now as the United States, representing so many tribal nations with such diverse cultures, languages, and traditions.

Their culture is simply impressive. Their origins are so rooted in this land, that no American ever managed to know as much as a Native. Learning about their culture and their past is essential, so here are all the things that you cannot miss about the tribes and histories of Native Americans:

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9 Responses

  1. This is deeply disturbing. Many of us don’t think to reeducate ourselves. Our history that is taught in school is all lies. I am Iriquois, from the northern NY state into Canada’s Quebec providence. My great great great grandmother was full blooded Iriquois, Seneca. I am proud of that and I respect all the tribes.

  2. My maternal grandmother was a Onondaga Iroquois. I learned a lot of my Indian heritage from my grandfather. I am proud to be part of this history. Thank you for this history lesson.

  3. What’s interesting to me, where did the ‘native’ Americans come from. If we complete a more intense historical search, the ‘native’ American came from Filipino islands which really complicate the ‘American’ claim. When tracing historical facts, we should not stop searching when we get the results we’re looking for. History requires accuracy to the historical beginning. When a complete line of heritage is gone because a ‘wacko’ kills them all, that doesn’t change historical facts!

    1. I would think the term “native” applies to the indigenous people living here when the first Europeans came to these shores.
      The truly “native” people going all the way back would all be from Mesopotamia!

  4. Looking forward to more information .History taught never much of any facts of actual history,facts marred in time.

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