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5 U.S. Cults So Terrifying We Can’t Get Over Them

Photo by Jakub Krechowicz From Shutterstock

The majority of people have a hazy understanding of what a cult is. However, “cult” is one of those evasive, ambiguous words that is hard to define. In general, strict definitions are either overly broad or too narrow. To further complicate matters, one’s definition of a cult is frequently subjective.

Many have charismatic, dictatorial leaders who feel they have extraordinary prophetic abilities. These leaders frequently make predictions about an impending apocalypse.

The thin line that separates being lured to what seems to be a utopian community from a risky, free-will-robbing group may be the source of our interest in cults, whether they are genuine or fictional. Here are five American cults that have had an unbelievable impact on their followers, sometimes with fatal consequences.

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  1. I found this article to be very well written, with fascinating revelations!
    It is a little disappointing, however, that there is no mention of the Jonestown massacre. Any information about James Jones’ cult is excluded.

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