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9 Weird and Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know About the KKK

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Founded in 1865 and lasting until the 1870s, one of the most controversial “cults” in America, the Ku Klux Klan, or KKK, as it is widely known, played a major role in our history. Although everybody knows that they were the infamous racists who dressed up in white robes with pointy hoods and set fire to crosses, there are some interesting unknown facts about the KKK that most people never heard about.

Soon after the turn of the century, another KKK was formed (in 1915), which has survived to the present day. Keep reading, because we’re about to share some interesting information about this organization.

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  1. You forgot to mention that the Democratic party is affiliated with this group. That democrats and the liberal minded thinking people back in the day were the ones who ACTUALLY created this group. Learn your facts before posting your own opinion please. I’m sure there were “right-minded” individuals part of this group, but the majority is democrats.

      1. Yes it is. Both from the civil war and during segregation the kkk was an enforcement arm of the democratic party

        1. What you leave out is that the Democratic Party of the past is the Republican Party of today, lol. Abe Lincoln was a Republican; George Wallace was a Democrat, just to put it in terms you might understand.

      2. Unfortunately, that is true, but affiliations have switched over the years and now it’s republicans who have the kkk and other hate groups included in their constituents.

      3. True they were a part of the Democratic Party,but now a majority of them have gone over to the republicans party,they went over doing Johnson,Nixon,Reagan was in’s still some scattered about in the Democratic Party

      4. The KKK was NOT founded by the democrats it was founded in Tennessee by Confederate soldier’s in 1865 who wanted keep the blacks out of politics and preserve slavery. You would correct in saying most of the klan were Democrats at that time. However it should noted that the political parties had different ideologies at that time. The Demoncrtas which was founded in 1828 was the Conservative Party at that time with most of the Demoncrats being I the southern states. The Republicans were formed around 1854 were the Conservative Party at time with Republicans being in the northern states and was the liberal party who wanted to abolish slavery.

        Ideologies of the parties started to shift during the Great Depression. Republican Herbert Hoover who chose not to intervene during the depression was voted out and replaced with Demoncrat FDR who campaigned on government and financial intervention and putting the welfare of the people first. It angered the republicans who at the time were a bunch of wealthy white men who were for Big business and less government (even during the worst financial crisis in American history) During this is when the parties shift ideologies.

        The civil rights movement proved to be the catalyst that really produced mass exodus of the parties. In 1964 when the civil rights act was signed into law. Republican candidate Barry Goldwater publicly opposed the new law, arguing that it expanded the power of the federal government to a dangerous level. It was this argument that led to a final, decisive switch. Black voters, who had historically been loyal to the Republican Party because of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, had already been switching to the Democratic Party.

        By the 1980s, white southern Democrats had become Republicans, and the majority of the south was now Republican. The Republican Party now is solidly conservative while the Democratic Party is the liberal one.

    1. Actually, they weren’t liberal minded. They wanted slavery and fought to keep it.
      You haven’t checked your facts lately. Most people who actually read know how the Democratic party and repugnant party have changed since then.
      They were against reconstruction of the south because it was a good idea 💡. Would have bonded our country together in a way that would have changed the mentality of everyone. Once Lincoln was killed, it wasn’t implemented, so the south remains to this day a seperate nation. Except of course when nature goes wild and the northern states pay for reconstruction.
      Now the repugnant party is on the side of the south and democrats are in the north.
      Your opinion of liberty 🗽 is screwed up. The foundation of the nation is liberal. Otherwise we would still be a colony of England.
      Should read some real history stories about our country and figure out who’s side you are really on!

      1. Alex, do you have a clue what you are saying? Yes our founding Fathers may have been liberals in the true meaning of liberal or maybe they were even radical compared to the rest of the world in their day! Too bad Alex most people only know what they read or hear, and seeing democrats deny facts and honesty they don’t believe their own eyes either. What started the civil war wasn’t anything to do with skin color, bad blood as brother and families fought against each other. It was the Norths bullying of the South. Kind o0f like today the progressives bullying the conservatives. Do it my way or shut up and do it anyway. The democrat’s of those days and those of present day haven’t changed.

        1. You know what Lewis? Not many know this fact ? I read up on this. Thank you for enlightening more of us.

        2. Sorry to ask but who taught. Part of the war between North and South was slavery. This is why all history should be taught I. Schools – unequivocally!

          1. The real history of the truth has been erased, hidden and re-written. After World War One was over, 13 countries got together and decided to rewrite history. Went on a mission to suppress the black man. These countries put millions of dollars in to the rewriting of the American books and schools. To suppress and take away the knowledge of the black man with prejudice. During slavery forbid the black man to read and write. After slavery came Jim crow, then sageration, build prisons just to brake up the family. Told the woman, they can have welfare, housing and food stamps, but no man can live with you, or you would lose your benefits. No jobs, no bank loans, stolen their self esteem. Sageration in school, it was a all out war on blacks. Police was the KKK, locked up thousands of black men, framed them for crimes did not commit. Shoot to kill! Brake up the home! So many fatherless young men trying to find their way. Go to school to learn a education, but only learn doctornation. Spoon fed lies! Rewriting every thing about black history. Blacks came from Kings and Queens! But the Europeans had to change everything to make himself look better, and to gain wealth off of the black man’s back. Let’s really look in side this world! When the European was still wallowing in the mud trying to figure out what he was going to be, the Africans had kingdoms and wealthy society’s. Gold, structure and prosperity. Man is a war monger. Steal and kill. The Europeans where plagued with diseases and took these diseases with them to cultures that never seen such diseases before. They introduced these diseases to Africans and the Native Americans, trying to wipe them out. Stolen the land from the Indians, then the Mexicans and then the Polynesians. Ruthless and greed, by anyway necessary. Stealing land, culture and religion from them all. The KKK are the policeman, the judges, the bank owners, doctors, the congress and school teachers and store owners. If you are not white, you are not right. The blood line is being threatened, they are becoming the minority, every one is mixing the races. They are scared and would rather fight and die then change. In the mist of time, we are only here for a brief moment, like a grain of sand on the ocean floor. Can’t we all just get a long? (Rodney King). I truly understand the journey of the brown and black man. Every single day is a challenge, and racism has no place to go, because it is already here. Let’s make America great again (Donald Trump). What he means is let’s make America white again. Life is to short!

          2. Read up on the Tariff of 1828 (aka the Tariff of Abominations) to start understanding the economics of the Civil War, and how States Rights was the foundation for the conflict. It wasn’t slavery, although as a survival instinct for the Southern agrarian economies that was a staple.
            The North was brandishing their legislative power over the South, and the hardships these Tariffs (yes, there were more before the War, especially that onerous protectionism from the North in 1840) that forced the South to do SOMETHING. War was about all they had by that time.

    2. Yes and if you look at the Democratic Party at that time yes, however over time the Dixiecrats became Republicans of today. So over the last 60 + years the Republican Party has developed racist policies and positions that are apparent today. Your right truth matters too

      1. You should look at this again. I did. I was surprised. It is not what we are told. Looks are deceiving . I learned.

      1. I don’t think either party approves of this. Some will . But most people don’t think this will work

    3. You are so correct . The problem is many people don’t like changes and are afraid of someone being smarter then them. Especially if you are from a different culture. Many forgot that we were made by God. If there wasn’t a creator then creation would of never existed. So, what really came first, The chicken or the egg???

    4. Absolutely untrue. Today’s Republicans were once Dixiecrat Democrats the group affiliated with white supremacy and continues that affiliation today. Do your research.

      1. Yes all history say that to .. Lincoln freed the slaves .. A Republican President at the time But who sold them to come here as slaves ?? Their own people did .. Remember that part of history from their own country ??

    5. In earlier days in this country Democrats were not “liberal.” Besides their involvement in the KKK they were in favor of keeping slavery alive, opposing Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election. In those days Republicans were on the right side of history. Look what has happened to each party today.

    6. Absolutely true—creators of three different KKK movements were the democratic party, same party who sided with 11 states who seceeded from the USA to fight vs Pres. Lincoln & they fought to keep slavery. The democratic party is the party of KKK, Jim Crow, & it took the republican party to pass the 1960’s civil rights bill! Oh, did i mention after the american civil war 1861-1865 that most democrats voted vs constitutional amendments to give black americans who were freed from slavery by republican pres. lincoln- the human rights of being able to vote & own property. STUDY!!!

  2. It has been stated that Nathan B. Forest was not the head of the KKK as previously believed.
    The agenda of the original KKK was for the Democratic Party to regain control of government so as to stop the horrors of reconstruction. The Radical Rebublicans had been campaigning to newly freed slaves so to retain their votes. Their goal was to punish the South for the war. The former slaves showed up in droves to vote. To counter these votes the KKK attempted to stop the Blacks from voting so as to retain the control of government and stop reconstruction. The reconstruction era was harmful to all in the South, White Black and Red . The resurgence of the KKK in 1915 is what most think of today when they think of the KKK. It is far more destructive than the original KKK which had dissolved after only four years of existance.
    The original KKK also performed officiating tasks of containing illegal activities as well as the moral standard for Southern society. To police activities in the communities to keep a level of community and family based ideals.

    1. You have an accurate of the original KKK.People inthe south had to try to defend themselves from punishing actions of the radicle reconstructionists .

      1. Lincoln was a republican all the north was
        The south was democrats but they changed sides after Johnson now the south is republican

  3. Even if the original KKK was started by democrats it is not anymore. I unfortunately lived among them for four years in the seventies and there was not a democrat around. Most states where the KKK is most prominent in the Deep South, to this day are ruby red.

  4. If the government can do their part in shutting down the kkk. Why cant they shut down the rest? MS13 , bloods, crips,etc. etc. They were all gangs and making profits by doing illegal shit and not paying taxes. We don’t allow terrorism outside this country, but apparently inside it’s ok. That is all gangs are. homeland terrorism

  5. The KKK is filled with a bunch of unintelligent small minded insecure cowards. Very similar to those men during the witch trials. Just so it is noted, there is only one president in the history of presidents that not only denounced verbally but actually took action and made them a domestic terrorist group; Donald Trump. Unlike this POS Joe Biden who has pictures standing proud and united with known top officials of the KKK! Just another example of why if you voted for Joe Biden you should question your morals intelligence and character.

  6. Some of the largest KKK rallies ever held were in Michigan. Jackson, MI (July 4, 1924), Lansing, MI (Sept 7, 1924 (Labor Day)) and Grand Rapids, MI (July 5, 1925). All three rallies had over 100,000 members at each rally. There were other rallies in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. All were held to keep Blacks out of their states..

  7. The Democratic Party were the conservative group back then. So you are wrong to call them liberal. The Republicans party back then were considered more closely align liberal before people like Barry Goldwater came on the scene.

  8. My grandmother belonged to the KKK.
    When she passed there were a number
    of Klan newspapers in her belongings.
    Not to discount the racial unjust the
    Klan did but in these papers there was no
    mention of race. There is an article about
    men cheating on their wives. Other articles
    derided moral transgressions of all sorts.
    I grandma didn’t believe in interracial marriages but I never saw her mistreat or be rude to persons of different ethic back grounds.

  9. I only know’, that Fort Worth, Texas use to be one of the founding areas of the KKK and that the Ellis Pecan Company Building was the meeting place for the organization at times. Also in years back Fort Worth, Texas were most all Democrats. TEXAS was a Demoncrat state. That was in the earlier 1900s’ –1940s’ etc. But yes the building still stands in Fort Worth That the clan would have meetings of their group, or organization. –It is in the older’ part of Fort Worth, Texas, not far from the so called STOCK YARDS’-, where cattle drivers would bring cattle to sale from miles around. I believe the street was or still is Henderson’, which goes north from downtown Fort Worth. Ellis and Fort Worth Vending were 2 of the companies that were well known, and the Boyd Coffee Company that started in Fort Worth, Tex. back in the 30s-40s…then I believe it became HillsBrothers, that is in Waco,Tx. now. It was the BOYD brothers that started the BOYD coffee company. Marshall, Marvin, James, & Clarence Boyd. Some of the Boyds, a sister to the BOYD brothers, also owned what use to be the Victor Hotel on Main St. back in that time. The owner was LuLa Boyd Hardcastle, but it was also sold as time progressed. It was known to be a ‘comfort hotel’ for whent he cowboys would travel through with cattle to be sold in the Stockyards of Fort Worth. I believe the exact location was 1201 1/2 Main Street. The 1/2 being the up’stairs from the bottom floor-entrance lounge area.– I am not for certain, but I was told that Jack Ruby is one that either bought or took over the hotel when it sold back then. Those facts I can not swear to, but all of the others, I do know are correct and honest facts.- When the coffee company was sold, some of the brothers moved to Durant Oklahoma, and were in the oil and cattle business. Specifically Marshall and Uncle Jim were the 2 that bought in Durant, then Jim moved to Highland Park, in Dallas,Tex. after having a stroke, and his wife, our Aunt Gertrude cared for him the rest of his life. Just good ole hard working country people, that believed a person had to put out an effort, and ‘Work’ to make a living. These things ARE all facts of Fort Worth,Texas, and known to be true starting back in the early 1900s’ as some of the BOYDS were born in Kemp, Tex. and the HILL COUNTRY in the 1800s’. The BOYD Prison facility, in Boyd Tex. is possibly??, also connected. I am not certain on this at all, but’-, One of the wardens, years back being Lizzie BOYD.

  10. This is something leaders will never tell the public. Democrate with low morals value are trying to destroy the family. Problem here is?! they love their family as much as they do and will protect them. Black and brown will always be single mom households. Government is their husband. This is a form of control. You will get free, food ,house,medical, just do what you are told. How is this different from a form of slavery? To the state? This keeps control. Leader must demonize something or some one. Don’t forget. Black panther. blm, they were violent. This is a form of control. Give them a little freedom, win election . Put them in a box until needed again. This will let them feel free! Until government says no. To some this is a great life to others a form of bondage. Everyone needs to have rights and choice no matter who you are. It is aways your choice for now. But you do have to help yourself at some point.

  11. When people feel like they are being erased? They will fight back? This is just a fact. They don’t always make good choices. But it is their choice. Until there is no choice. People will find ways to keep their people from being erased. All people want to belong. This is human nature. This is no surprise to anyone. Some human want to be with their own. Hating certain color is always sad. To live in peace should be a goal? Hate has always worked as a control. To keep people a part. Each race is special in their own way. I loved the assortment of friends I had. So did my sons. Each group has interesting stories and things to learn.

  12. No surprise here! we all know that or have heard. Leaders only use this if it helps elections. This keeps people from working together. Hate plays people against people. So peace will not exists. Hate has fueled so many fights. This is politics. Always will be.

  13. It is ironic the January 6, 2021 debacle was a conservative movement. They were attempting a coup de tat because they didn’t like the results of a fair and legal election. Talk about conservative bullying. Conspiracy theory anyone? Will someone please show me the proof of an election that was stolen? The new Republican Party.

    1. Uhmmm. Hillary and the Dems have been crying for years that the 2016 election was stolen from them. You know, Russian collusion!!!! The state of Georgia, where election charges have been brought against Trump, has Stacey Abrams, who never conceded her election loss and would tell anyone who would listen that her election was stolen. How about Al Gore??? The Dems have been crying “Fix” for years.

  14. Racist group like this should be band and destroyed. The black planters had good cause they was helping people, but the got destroyed.

    1. It is my understanding that the 2 party system was created by the Banksters to keep us fighting among ourselves, while they steal our money … thru the Federal Reserve, wars, taxes …. We must fight them, not each other. Follow the money.

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