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These 7 US Cities Changed Their Names. Do You Know Why?

US cities
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It’s amazing to discover how these US cities changed their name! 

When it came to founding new towns, there was one issue that all of the settlers, from the first residents of the original 13 colonies to the pioneers who traveled West and South as America grew, had in common: what would they call their city?

While some US towns and communities had unique names, others were called after notable pioneers, local geological features, or founders. Additionally, the town or city may change its name—sometimes more than once. We probably won’t be able to get through all the US cities that changed their names. That’s why, by the end of the article, we’d love to see more stuff from you!

But enough with the chat, these are the tales of how certain US cities received their original names and the main reason(s) for the name change:

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