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It’s Time You Know These 8 Facts About Kennedy’s Assassination


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Kennedy’s assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald has probably sparked the most conspiracy theories in American history. Who was to blame for the Dallas assassination that day remains a mystery despite a comprehensive examination of the Warren Commission report and other studies. The Kennedy myth appears to be more and more fascinating to Americans as time goes by.

#1 JFK’s assassination was the fourth presidential assassination

Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and JFK were the four presidents who were assassinated at the time they were in office. But, there were 30 other attempts to assassinate presidents over the course of history. Assassination attempts ended in injuries for both Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt.

President Abraham Lincoln, his wife Mary Todd, and two other people were present at the Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. on April 14th, 1865. He was fatally shot in the back of the head at around 10:14 p.m. as he was attending the play “Our American Cousin”.

James A. Garfield had barely been in office for four months when Charles J. Guiteau shot him twice, once in the right arm and once in the back, in Washington, D.C. on July 2nd, 1881, at 9:30 a.m. 

When it occurred, Garfield was entering the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station. He passed away on September 19th, 1881, at 10:35 p.m., eleven weeks after the wounds created serious infections.

During a trip to Dallas, Texas, on November 22nd, 1963, at 12:30 pm, President John F. Kennedy was infamously shot. A sniper shot him twice in the neck and once in the head as he was being escorted in the same vehicle as his wife, First Lady Jacqueline “Jackie” Kennedy. He was declared dead at the Parkland Memorial Hospital after 30 minutes.

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  1. If you look at the Zapruder film you can literally watch the head shot peel his scalp back and to the left, just like his head went back and to the left. I saw this as a child (before any movies) and I still see the same thing today. Some “ballistics experts” testified that a bullet from behind can ricochet inside the skull and do that. The chances of that are infinitesimal! The head shot came from the direction of the grassy knoll I believe. Also, the audio recordings of the gunshots prove that there was more than one gunman and that the gunshots came from different directions. Then there’s the pristine “magic” bullet that ended up being found on the gurney they put the president’s body on to transport him to the hospital. There’s plenty of fishy things that went on during this assassination. The 3 “hobos”, the bullets that hit the concrete of the underpass, how quickly Oswald was murdered once in custody & other details that point to a well-financed, well-planned and well-conceived intelligence/assassination operation.

      1. NO, WE the people will never know the full truth of this day. Friday, November 22, 1963, I was 14, almost 15, a junior high school student, & I will never ever forget this very Dark Black Friday, nor my visions 2 weeks prior. Sixty, 60, years later, a former Secret Service Agency finally admitted the truth about the 1 bullet that was found. Mr. Oswald, was NOT a “lone” gunman, there was NO “magic” bullet, there was at least 1 or more shots from the grassy knoll, and there was at least 2 or more gunmen. Did Mr. Oswald fire at least 1 shot ? Yes. Did Mr. Oswald actually shoot Mr. Kennedy ? MAYBE is the best answer you will ever get.

    1. You are right I have read 7 or 8 books on the subject. We are still waiting to read all the sealed documents from the Warren Commision. I thought they were going to be unsealed for the public by now.

    1. And their Republican contemporaries were all competent, selfless, “patriots” bent on ‘doing what was BEST for the country? Puh-leeze!!!!

  2. Seeking truthfulness, I collect and connect “dots.” Cui Bono (for whose benefit) is a favorite “dot.”
    November 22, 1963. Shots were fired at 12:30 pm Central Time
    12:40 pm Central Time – broadcast made (breaks into “As the World Turns.”
    Walter Cronkite (the most trusted Man in America) makes the announcement.
    “Here is a bulletin from CBS News.
    In Dallas Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s motorcade in downtown Dallas. The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting.”
    Demand transparency, full disclosure, and accountability. Who was the source of this information? Were simultaneous shots, suppressed weapons, vehicle backfires, or diversionary squibs considered?
    Given just 10 minutes, how was accurate “vetting” accomplished by CBS News? Did anyone ever ask the questions regarding “vetting?” Why not?
    Vetting: the act of making a prior examination and critical appraisal of (a person, document, scheme, etc).
    The question: Who/whom wanted the narrative to definitely state “three shots.” How would they know for certain (in less than ten minutes) that the assassination investigation (cover-up) would be based on three shots?
    Why not: “In Dallas Texas, multiple shots were fired …..?” Why not state the truth? Gas lighting anyone? Cui Bono?

    1. You have established a true time line. Sadly the powers behind all of this will never revel their part or reasoning behind this dastardly deed.

  3. OK, here’s the deal. Kennedy was shot by Oswald & no one else was involved, it was just by luck that Oswald was employed at the Texas Book Depository . The newspaper printed the map of the motorcade route in advance, so it was no problem for Oswald to stash a rifle up on the 6th floor by the window & also by luck that the employees in the Depository (except Oswald) were at the curb in Dealey Plaza waiting for the motorcade to drive by so they could see the president in person. This left the 6th floor empty, except for Oswald to stand by the left edge of the far window, shielded by books he stacked, and simply waited for his opportunity to aim & fire at President Kennedy riding in his open convertible motorcade. He tried to shoot at Kennedy through the large trees on the corner of Houston & Elm street with the first shot & missed. The reason his 2nd shot hit the president in the neck was that Oswald had his scope sights on Kennedy’s head, but the distance of the rifle shot caused the trajectory of the bullet to dip a bit, striking him through the neck instead of the head, when Oswald saw that the president clutched his neck with his hands after the 2nd shot, he simply raised the scope cross hairs of the rifle slightly above the top of Kennedy’s head when he fired the 3rd shot, the trajectory of the bullet diped again, but this time the bullet dipped and struck Kennedy’s left side of his head, which was the entrance wound, the bullet then went right through the president’s brain, causing the right side of Kennedy’s head to split open like a Mellon, as the bullet was making its exit wound. Conspiracy theorists claim the gaping head wound on the right side of his head must have been fired from the grassy knoll, but it is a known fact that an exit wound will cause much more damage than an entry wound. Finally, the Zapruder film was stopped one frame after the fatal shot was fired, which showed Kennedy was hurled forward for a brief moment after the 3rd shot was fired, which is the result of the 3rd shot being fired from the rear at an upper angle. Ballistics show that because the president was hurled forward after the 3rd shot was fired, it proved the fatal shot also came from the Texas Book Depository. Sorry conspiracy theorists, but you can’t dispute the fact that the president lurched forward, you can clearly see this by freeze framing the Zaoruder film or running the film in super slow motion, which proves there were no shots fired from the grassy knoll, even though it may have appeared that way because the right side of his head split open like a melon, however this was the result of the bullet exiting his head. And as far as a pristine magic bullet found on Kennedy’s gurney, some one in the government planted it there to cast doubt, but no bullet would ever be in pristine condition after it was fired & passed through a human body. All of the circumstances of that day by coincidence fell into Oswald’s lap so he was able to successfully assassinate the president of the United States, Oswald just got lucky. There may have been people he spoke with prior to the assassination, urging him to do the dastardly deed, but Oswald acted alone in the actual execution of JFK.

    1. What I’m getting from your explanation is that Oswald 1st attempted to shoot the president from the trees on the outside of the building, missed. And had enough time to get from the street, up to the 6th floor of the school book depository, while carrying his rifle unnoticed, get his rifle loaded, lense focused, aim and shoot a rifle 3 more times with in seconds of each other? I’ve seen re-enactments of this many times and your your explanations timing does not match up to the timing of actual events.

      1. Hello. I did NOT imply Oswald took his first shot through the trees at Houston & Elm St at ground level. Oswald fired all 3 shots from his perch on the 6th floor, it’s just that when Kennedy’s Lincoln limousine took its sharp turn from Houston St onto Elm St. (the secret service agent driving the car slowed down to about 10 mph during the sharp turn, Oswald saw the car slowing down during the turn. so he fired the 1st shot, even though Oswald’s vision was obscured by the top of the trees from his 6th floor perch, which is why the first shot missed the presidential limousine all together. The bullet struck the right curb on Elm St ahead of the motorcade and a fragment of the curb caused by the first shot went flying and struck a pedestrian who was standing about 50 yards further down Elm St by the triple underpass in the cheek. This was the only non life threatening injury that occurred to a pedestrian outside of the presidential limousine, which was only going about 11 mph down curvy Elm St because the secret service agent driving Kennedy’s limousine was going to turn onto the Stemmons freeway entrance ramp to complete the last leg of the motorcade to the Trade Mart, and because the presidential limousine would speed up when entering the Stemmons freeway, secret service agent Clint Hill, who was assigned to protect the First Lady Jackie Kennedy was not riding on her side of the limo’s back bumper as he did when the crowds were heavy when the motorcade was driving down Main St before it turned right onto Houston St. (which ifor public driving is a one way street that will allow cars to only turn left on Houston St.

    2. Scott, I believe you are correct in your assessment. Also, if you look at the individual frames of the Zubruder film, with the shot to the head, one can clearly see the trajectory of pieces of the skull make a straight forward line at about 60 degrees (2 o’clock) which means the shot had to have come from the back. Science doesn’t lie.

    3. That “pristine” Bullitt was forensically examined and determined to be fired from the same rifle Oswald was alleged to have used to shoot the president. How did “someone in the government” get his hands on a bullitt that was fired from the same rifle and how did that “someone in the government” gain access to the gurney? Yes, that round was placed on the gurney, but not to cast doubt, instead to “prove” the lone gunman theory, even before it was postulated.

    4. So you have all the answers.
      So why did they rush the vehicle to an underground garage and remove the windshield before the investigation.
      Perhaps it was because a bullet went through it before hitting the president.
      Perhaps the windshield was just in the way

    5. Scott, good theory except for major flaw in your diagnosis and all other published accounts-Oswald did not kill JFK. Why? Even though he probably fired rounds from his 6.6 mm Carcano that wounded JFK and the Texas governor, the killing shot to his head was fired from a smaller caliber rifle.There is a good book, Mortal Error by Bonar Menninger, that explains all of this in depth. The fatal shot possibly and probably came from a Secret Service agent in a vehicle behind JFK’s, who was armed with an M16 in 5.56 mm that was more likely to have been the killing shot. Why the Warren Report was extended beyond its initial release date to the people is beyond me, but more than likely to have covered up a lot of lies and buried the truth.

    6. I’m sorry, but as an expert with a rifle and hand guns, military and law enforcement, these shots could not have been made by one man or with this rifle. People would have to be pretty stupid and gullible to believe. The problem was, we all believed in our government, it would do nothing to destroy our trust in it. We all loved our country and our President, it could never happen here. Our government has done nothing but go down hill from there. The darn lies and cover up, for example Sandy Hook shooting should make us all sick to our stomachs. Www

  4. I am a firm believer that Oswald was a patsy and the government and mob were behind it all. It’s physically impossible for the one bullet to go through the governor twice and the zigzag to go into the president. And how can a fully intact bullet (the one found on Kenndy’s stretcher) be the “magical bullet” or the one to the head that killed the president??? Definitely a conspiracy from start to end. I’ve been obsessed with this mystery since I was 10 yrs old living in Dallas. Oswald was just the right man to frame, but knew too much and that’s why Ruby was instructed to kill him. Rubys infection so conveniently killed him when he had been pleading to tell his story of the assassination.

  5. President Kennedy had Addison’s disease. Such a trauma as being shot twice, or even once, would have been almost surely fatal, back brace or no back brace. Even now, 59 years later, there is no cure for Addison’s disease – just treatment, in spite of which, leaves the patient vulnerable to trauma.

  6. There are way too many coincidences for Oswald to have acted alone. He must have been a pretty cool cucumber to slightly raise the scope a hair while shooting the President. Quite the marksman as well. Why did the car basically stop until the shooting was concluded? Why was such access given to Oswald in the police station? How did the super cops almost instantly solve a murder when they could not stop 3 murders from happening? If Oswald acted alone, he is better than our best in the service of today. With equipment from 60 years ago, don’t think so.

  7. That is hard to believe that one man shot him three times from different angles! He was hit in the front and the back at the same time from a bolt action rifle! One shell was found by the rifle! Something doesn’t add up!

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three shots people heard were really three volleys with some weapons using suppressors. The acoustical evidence has 9 possible shot signatures. That would make JFK shot 4 times-2 from the front and 2 from the rear. Connally would have been hit twice and there would be 3 missed shots. Your welcome

  9. Whom ever was the traffic controller ahead of JFK’s limo and stopped the traffic at the exact time of his limo lining up for a “Still shot” directly in fount of the Shooter, was the first step of the Plot, and no one has ever investigated who that person was.. Knowing the distance of how many cars back in the procession, and timing was not just a coincident, but part of the plan to give the shooter a non moving target, at a predetermined drop in altitude, most any average marksman could make that shot.

  10. When Oswald said he was just a patsy, I believe him. He did fire the rifle, however, there are numerous witnesses that had the same story. They heard 3 shots from different places. Plus it has been proven that not even an expert marksman could reload, aim, and fire with that accuracy in the time allotted.
    Conspiracy?? Absolutely! A well funded, well planned assassination on a president that was too well liked and wanted to end the Vietnam War and the rest of government didn’t want that yet. JFK if he had lived would have been by far one of, if not the best president this country would have had. (My personal opinion)

  11. I’ve been to the old book depository and six floor museum. While the six floor window area is enclosed in plexiglass and not accessible you can go to the seventh floor window above it and get a good idea of the view from the sixth floor. This window is approximately 8 to 10 feet above the sixth floor. From this vantage point Oswald should have taken his shot as the limo made the turn onto Elm. The limo was right below him and it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. Therefore I believe Kennedy was in a crossfire and there was a conspiracy.

  12. The “bullet” was a plant of evidence. No blood, no skin, nothing. George Sr, was there in cahoots with almost half of congress, cia, fbi, mafia, vp to murder him. Eight hitman. All dead within two years after so they wouldn’t talk. George Sr, was photographed outside the hospital with other cohorts celebrating jfk death. Pure evil monsters.

  13. If Oswald had acted alone he would have shot Kennedy as soon as the car made a right turn on Houston St., which would have been the best angle to hit the president, instead he waited until the car turned left on Elm St. and that little detour was added, the limo was supposed to continue straight on Main St, originally. You can see the secret service agents in a state of confusion being called back as the car made its right on Houston. Do I believe Oswald fired some shots from that window and hit Kennedy, yes…but I believe he was told when to fire and was the patsy, someone fired a shot from behind the grassy knoll and that was the one that blew the back of Kennedy’s head off. Then there’s the magic bullet, the pristine bullet on the gurney at the hospital. Come on, it’s so obvious what happened that day, that’s why they won’t release the records!

  14. Yea; it’s likely Oswald, Sirhan and Ray were patsies for those who wanted America to return to an authoritarian state as it always was and didn’t want change to make better things for the majority. MLKing’s son visited Ray in prison and told him he didn’t believe he assassinated his father. Yes; weapons were found on all three killers but some who’ve studied the assassinations say the real killers were never arrested. For instance; a Spanish young woman who said she saw two or three fleeing from RFK’s assassination was kept by the police and interrogated until she changed her mind that she did not see that and the physical room he was in w/bullets was changed so the true number fired was not revealed; etc, etc. Tom Hayden; when RFK was killed said “…we’re just like any other country…” and in fact, two politicians and a civil rights worker were assassinated on a decade so we’re not that different from other countries.

  15. Twice in the neck? Everything I have ever read indicates three rounds were fired by Oswald at the limousine carrying Kennedy. The first missed the car totally, likely due to the bullet being deflected by a branch of an Oak tree in the line of fire. The second shot passed through Kennedy’s neck, striking a vertebra, and exited to hit Gov. Connally. The third shot was the famous pink mist head shot that was instantly fatal to President Kennedy.

    1. Gov. Connally was seated in the front right passenger seat. How does a bullet shot from above, right go through Kennedy’s skull and magically hit the Governor on the right? Magic bullets for sure!

    2. There is ample proof in the archives that Lee HarveyOswald was accompanied by RUFUS STANLEY TRUMP, 17 who also worked at the Depository. Trump also took 12 shots at the Kennedy car and and managed to hit Jackie Kennedy in the left breast as shown later she looked up at the depository and made an obscene gesture at Oswald with her middle finger.. Trump took the freight elevator down to the first floor and ran out towards the motorcade route but tripped and fell and was captured by tree Republicans who put him on a plane back to New York City.

  16. I believe Gerald Posner’s book Case Closed which states that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone and was not part of a conspiracy.

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