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Nazi hunters
Famous Figures

Who Were the Most Famous Nazi Hunters?

Do you know these Nazi hunters?  Years after the end of WWII, stories about the Holocaust and Nazis still haunt us. Probably one of the most asked questions of all time is why so many innocent people died, and a

rulers far worse than Putin
Famous Figures

Top Frightening 10 Rulers Far Worse than Putin

These are the rulers far worse than Putin:  No, no, I am not trying to take sides, nor am I trying to diminish how bad the world we’re living in today is. While we’d expect to have a lot of

funeral rituals from the Victorian Era

9 Unique Funeral Rituals from the Victorian Era You Should Know

Do you know any funeral rituals from the Victorian Era that are still used nowadays?  The Victorian Era was completely insane in many aspects, and funeral rituals are definitely one of them. From taking pictures with the deceased to horses

practices from the past, history

12 Bizarre and Repulsive Practices from the Past

Did you know about these practices from the past?  One would be shocked to learn that the everyday lives of the ancients weren’t all that dissimilar when looking back through history. On the other hand, there are still a lot


11 Royals so Crazy You’ll Feel Sane Again

There were a lot of crazy royals in every corner of the world, but who was the worst? You gotta love history! With so many stories out there, you will never reach the end of them, which makes them even

facts about WWI
World History

A Journey Through Time: 10 Forgotten Facts about WWI 

These are some facts about WWI we need to remember:  WWI—when we say that, it seems so far away. And it actually is. I mean, WWI happened more than 100 years ago, and even if we will never forget it,

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