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serial killer

5 Infamous US Female Serial Killers

Have you heard of these serial killers who were women? A lot of us have heard about serial killers over the years, especially since the


Presidents who cheated on the First Lady

7 US Presidents Who Cheated on the First Lady (or Did They?)

Who are those US Presidents who cheated on the First Lady? See them all named down here: Rumors and scandals are on point when it comes to the White House. We don’t mean to “destroy” its image, but of the 46 US presidents in office, at least 15 were actively engaged in various extramarital affairs. This means that 1/3 of

Famous Figures

World History

ancient civilizations

10 Things Ancient People Did Better Than Us

10 Ancient Inventions that Will Blow Your Mind: Only a couple of decades ago, ancient civilizations were seen as simple, primitive people. But continuous discoveries

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