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I am a historian and a writer living in Pennsylvania and I love your site and how you debunk a ton of misconceptions. I am wondering if you accept any new writers? I specialize in 18th-20th century world history. Thanks, Mike Lightmedia@comcast.netJenehttps://historicalfiles.comsjrossini@comcast.netslavery --- the things you refuse to acknowledge “There is a willful amnesia about the roles Africans played in the slave trade,” according to Nat Nunoo-Amarteifio, historian, author and former mayor of Accra, Ghana’s capital. Speaking with PRI’s The Word, Amarteifio said when Europeans came to Africa in search of gold, they found an already existing slave system that they later adopted for the New World. Initially, most of the slaves who were traded by the rulers of West African states and kingdoms were criminals and prisoners of war. Frequent conflicts between competing tribes resulted in the availability of captives for purchase after it was discovered that it was more profitable to sell your enemy rather than simply kill him. But as the demand for slaves increased, slavery replaced other criminal sentences, while African rulers, traders and military aristocracy grew wealthier and wealthier through the trade. Wars and raids were eventually carried out by African chiefs solely for the purpose of taking captives. Individuals were falsely accused of crimes in order to be sold. S. Pearl Sharp notes that even some families sold their children into slavery to clear their debts. But it wasn’t the Europeans capturing the Africans, according to Amarteifio. “They couldn’t do so without getting sick and dying from illnesses such as malaria,” he said. “So, African ethnic groups seized the business opportunity and began warring with other groups in order to capture prisoners and then sell them.” Millions of men, women, and children from inland villages were kidnapped by African slave traders and raiders in the process and forced to march to the slave-trading centers on the coast where they were sold to Europeans and the Arabs slave trade. “The organization of the slave trade was structured to have the Europeans stay along the coastlines, relying on African middlemen and merchants to bring the slaves to them,” said Toyin Falola, a Nigerian professor of African studies at the University of Texas. “The Europeans couldn’t have gone into the interior to get the slaves themselves.” Susanhttps://historicalfiles.combilliotjsr3@yshoo.comUnsubscribe I am not interested in the content of your text. 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